Four Simple Ways To Keep The Romance Alive In Later Life

As we age and head well into middle age, life tends to become more hectic than ever as we raise families, maintain careers and deal with the stresses of everyday living. It’s easy to put self-care to the side when there is so much going on, which can leave relationships lacking if they remain untended. Whether your marriage has made it through and needs a little rejuvenation, or you find yourself single and looking for someone new to age gracefully with, there are plenty of simple ways to put the romance back in your life.

Date Night

Set a regular time to spend together. It’s so obviously simple yet easy to put off as other things come up and demand our attention. No relationship can survive in the long term if the people in it don’t have time to connect, so now the kids have grown up and don’t need you to be home every night, agree on a regular time and go out together. Or stay in, just as long as you’re spending time as a couple is what’s important.

Don’t Let Physical Changes Get You Down.

Male or female, it’s an undeniable truth that aging takes its toll on the body and can make physical intimacy more difficult in later life. Thankfully there are plenty of things you can do to overcome these obstacles. For men who have erectile dysfunction, the natural herbal blend of Erectin can give you the lift you need. For women, menopause can cause unpleasant dryness so try experimenting with a suitable lubricant to help make the experience both comfortable and more exciting.

If you’re back out in the world of dating and the worry of an unplanned pregnancy is well past, it is still important to remember to use protection as there is nothing romantic about an STD.

Keep Communicating.

Talking to your partner is vital for a healthy relationship. There will be no romantic feelings if you’re harboring resentment over some perceived slight or other. Open up and let your partner know if they’ve hurt your feelings somehow or if there is some external factor that is bothering you and therefore causing a distraction. By getting these issues out in the open and working past them, you’ll feel closer and able to focus on the positives again. And when an issue feels vast and impossible, don’t be afraid to ask for help from an impartial third party.  

Try New Things Together

It’s natural to become set in your ways as you get older; the prospect of change is less exciting than it was, and your life has probably fallen into a nice rhythm. Putting yourself out there and trying something new is just as important later in life, though, in fact, in some ways, it’s even more important as learning new skills helps to keep your mind sharp. By doing new things together, you’re also keeping your relationship strong, so take up a dance class, try a unique holiday destination, and have fun learning and exploring together. You may discover you do indeed have two left feet, but you’ll also have a new story to talk and laugh together over.




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