Five great tips for being an excellent team leader

Irrespective of the business size, it is crucial to choose a team leader who will execute the vision for your brand in the market and set the tone for your employees.

Running a successful business involves communication among team members, sharing a common goal, and solving problems.

We all know the definition of a leader who leads, right? But an effective leader is not only someone who knows how to lead but understands that developing a team and having forward-thinking are essential in helping the business prosper.

Cooperation, trust, and teamwork are part of a creative atmosphere that develops a team. It might seem easy to convince a few people to come together and work towards a goal; however, the process is not that simple.

Transitioning individuals with a different mindset into a group to accomplish a purpose is an art that only a true leader understands.

Building a team requires an effort and strategy that goes a long way, but what makes a great team leader? Here are some qualities listed below that will surely answer the question.

1. Team Management

Looking at how we work today, there have been many significant changes from work dynamics for employees’ mental well-being to companies adopting a hybrid work environment.

There is a big chance that hybrid work mode will stay post-pandemic, so, as a team leader, you should know how to manage hybrid teams while ensuring your company’s goals are met.

 Managing hybrid teams requires problem-solving, strong communication, and creative thinking, which are the attributes of a great leader.

The thing about team management is that it is not primarily concerned with employee engagement only. It plays a pivotal role in improving productivity, contributing to business prosperity and economic growth.

A team leader is only as good as their team members, so equal input from both parties is essential for effective team management. Guidance and direction are the pillars of keeping every team member on the right track.

Organizing team-building activities enhances skills like collaboration and problem–solving that strengthen the bond among the team members.

2. Communication

Good communication is the fundamental characteristic of a great team leader. As a team leader, you should establish communication among the team members to help achieve objectives. What is crucial to understand is that communicating can bring forth ideas that will benefit the company in the future.

Communication drives organizational efficiency, and as a team leader, ensuring that is what makes the team capable of working together. Developing your interpersonal skills as a business leader means you need to learn communication techniques such as active listening, conflict resolution, and storytelling techniques for businessThese are essential traits for a leader to enhance interpersonal connections, effectively convey their vision, and foster a robust organizational culture where giving and accepting feedback is a standard and smooth process.

Feedback is what determines where your business is headed. When a work environment lacks communication, it is unlikely that employees will either come forward with new ideas for your business or confidently discuss the problems arising.

While being a skilled communicator provides numerous benefits at the different organizational levels, it is the first step in gaining the loyalty and trust of your employees.

When a strong relationship establishes between a team leader and the members, there is more room for sharing ideas, creating new goals, and finding innovative solutions to problems.   

3. Being Optimistic

As much as team leaders hope their day-to-day operations run smoothly, things can go south. Regardless of the situation, handling it speaks about your leadership skills.

Indeed, success does not come without the baggage of a few setbacks, but having a positive outlook on life makes it easy to face those setbacks.

Circumstances influence how we think and act, but one of the qualities of influential team leaders is that no matter what transpires in a day, it does not affect their attitude.

It is essential to remember that every team member looks up to their team leader so having a positive attitude means that you are the source of motivation for your team to keep moving forward until you claim success.

As human beings, it is unlikely that we can be optimistic; however, maintaining a positive attitude, especially as a team leader, is crucial for leading the team and the business on the road to victory.

Every business faces terrible times, but in these particular times, a great team leader emerges that shows the team members to learn from hard times and changes a negative mindset into a positive one.  

4. Feedback

One way of guiding employees in the right direction is by giving them instructions. But honest feedback sets the team on the path to reaching their goal. Feedback works best when it is about a specific purpose.

Timely feedback helps employees avoid errors and keeps them from learning things of no use.

When giving feedback, the critical thing to remember is to do it positively. It does not mean that the information shared is sugar-coated, but apart from being accurate and factual, it shouldn’t fall under criticism because it is likely to fall on deaf ears.

The best way to ensure that feedback is effective is by focusing on what the employee did right, where it went wrong, and, most importantly, identifying what needs to be done in the future.

As a team leader, there is always room for improvement; you don’t have to go far. Your fellow professionals or your staff can carry out that task.

Asking for feedback on your leadership skills will give you a perspective on your leadership approach and make room for areas that need improvement.

5. Open to change

A great team leader is always aware that change is inevitable when setting goals for your business, but success is possible only when your mind is open to new ideas.

Keeping your mind open to new ideas will allow you to see what every team member can do and how it will benefit your start-up.

Change is about developing propositions that would help your business grow, setting aside your thought process, and encouraging your team members to provide their insights which could pave the road for innovation and success.

A great team leader does not stay in the same spot just for the sake of consistency; a leader is someone who embraces change and understands its importance in staying at the top of the game.


Many people think running a smooth business requires a lot of money and different marketing strategies; however, most companies often go downhill because of failed leadership skills.

Contrary to popular belief, leadership is not about sitting in your office and delegating tasks; it’s more than that.

An effective team leader focuses not only on managing the team but also on the company. People who work under great leaders tend to be productive, happy, and feel more connected to their organization. 




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