Some More Ideas For Business Owners Wanting to Make a Website

Can you tell my mind is rolling like crazy? Of course, that has a lot to do with the fact that Zeva is actually currently in her own (big girl bed–she’s no longer in a crib, but instead in a day bed with a mattress on the floor next to her bed) and the boys are in bed. Plus Del is doing school work. So, I have more time to think and write. I’m sorry for the overload. I try to write as much as possible when I can do it.


Del is planning on taking his wood working business to the next level. Plus he plans on creating his own site, but with building any site there things that are needed to make it successful. Check out this online store softwareoffers a company many different services.


I like the fact that they offer you 24/7 Support. Considering we don’t get to focus on things of major importance until after the kids are in bed that is a very important feature. They also provide you with email marketing tools. Plus the topping on the cake for me is the contact management system that they offer. They offer a lot more features as well.


You can choose from three different plans depending on your needs. Since we’re a small business at this point we don’t need a major plan, but if we do ever get a lot of orders in then we may have to consider going to the higher plan. It’s nice to know we have that option if we sign up with this company.


I feel this company offers a lot for someone who wants to create a website to sell their products from home. Yea, I could sell them on eBay or even create a simple site myself, but quite honestly that would mean a lot of extra daily work. This program offers me the chance to cut down on some of the added steps that are involved with operating a website.




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