First Step of Marketing to Consider

Marketing is becoming a major topic of interest for me since I became a blogger. I can remember in one of my job interviews I was asked if I would consider becoming a Marketing Manager for a company. I thought that manager was crazy for even thinking I could do it.

Yet, here I am doing it everyday for my own blog. I learn something new EVERYDAY almost every hour about it. There is so much that goes into it than what meets the eye.

Letterhead prints are a very important part of building a brand for your company (and/or blog.) So are all of the logos that a person uses on all of their social media outlets. Don’t discount the ones that are used on newsletters too.

I am learning that in order for followers to find you that all of those places have to have a consistent image and name. I knew from the very first time I set up my blog account that I needed to have as close to my blog name as I could get on all platforms. It definitely has made a huge difference in my traffic.

Do you have your blog or companies name on all of the social platforms? Or were you like me and had to get as close as possible on some of them?




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