My Thoughts On XBOX One

I am a gamer!!! I have been since I had to program them on a computer just to play a game. Well, if I want an entertainment center I would buy XBOX ONE.

When it comes to gaming I want to play a game and not have someone looking over my shoulder. You do understand to be able to do the things that they were showing you on XBOX One you have to enter a lot of information about each person that is going to use the system, RIGHT? When I play a game I just want to play a game and have fun. I am not saying that you can’t do that with the Xbox One, but it does seem to me that the Xbox One is just a simple computer.

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They also mentioned that the XBOX One was going to need to be connected to the Internet. What happens to those who don’t have internet? Is there going to be a big push to get everybody Internet service? To clarify, I’m referring to getting everyone Internet service that can support gaming and not cost an arm, leg and your first born. I have to stay up till midnight just to play games on the net because the service that I have to use is free from 12:01AM till 5:00am. Since it is satellite Internet the weather has something to say about that too.

Yes, we want better games, but don’t forget that not everybody has unlimited internet access. Heck, some don’t even have it at all. I think that the next gen of gaming is going to show people that we need to do better. Yes, we have to always push forward but we don’t need to leave people behind. I understand that the cities are the ones that will get things first, but does that mean people that live in smaller towns or in the country should be left out?

I have asked 2 different companies when they might have Internet in my area and all I get is “I DON’T KNOW.”

One company said, “If you can get so and so many people that would sign up then yes.”

When I did it, they said, “No, you need to get this many more.”

Why should I have to do their job just to get the service from them that I am going to have to pay for? 

What are your thoughts on the whole constantly connected to the Internet to enjoy gaming?





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