Iron Man Ridemarkerz Review and Giveaway

When I found out we were going to obtain the chance to do these reviews I squealed with delight. I was especially happy that we got one for each boy. Little did I realize that Zeva was going to want to play with them just as much.

I love these because they are unique in the sense that when you place your order for them on Ridemakerz website you are able to actually build the type of car you want. These cars are made from durable molded plastic using 1:18 scale. If you buy more than one you can interchange them as well. Plus for $25.00 extra you can turn them into a remote control car.

Riderz1 riderz2 riderz3 riderz4

The kids had a field day playing with these toys. Since they make noise and flash lights it was wonderful fun even in the dark. They were literally playing with them for quite some time.

I have the pleasure of offering you the chance to win the Iron Man vehicle for your young child. I’m confident they will enjoy it as much as my kids are theirs.
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Here’s a quick short video of my kids having fun with them. 🙂

Do your kids like Iron Man and Cars?


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