Destiny for PS4 Questions and Feedback

Today is October 30, 2014 and I read over 100 comments about the PS4 Mentor Bounty. Most people are complaining about the PS4 getting exclusive content that the XBOX One and other platforms didn’t get. I personally own all of the game systems. I currently own Destiny for both the PS4 and XBOX One too.

I want to first remind people that the exclusive content was first introduced into gaming by Microsoft when they had exclusive content for games that you couldn’t get for games that you couldn’t get for the Playstation. Plus at E3, in if I’m not mistaken 2013, that Microsoft point blank stated that if you got Call of Duty for the XBOX One that you would receive exclusive content that you couldn’t get elsewhere. Don’t forget that Call of Duty is also a multi-platform game too.

Many people are also debating over the patching and things for Destiny. One of the first debates that comes to mind for me is the Atheon being able to be pushed off. I personally agree with this patch. I feel that anything that is going to make people play the game in a legit way is worth adding in.

The patch that I don’t agree with is is the one in which deals with the Atheon teleporting people. I think they should have left it to the Fire Team to decide who does what instead of it becoming a random thing.

I am puzzled over the calculation method that Bungie uses for the Legendary and exotic drops. Due to my current physical condition, I have been playing Destiny 10+ hours a day every day. I’m currently ranked 30 Titan and a 27 Titan. I have personally received four exotic bounties since the game started. I have picked up one and had to buy the rest of them this past Saturday from the tower. Yet, I have a fellow friend whom plays with me on many occasions who doesn’t play near as much as I do. For some reason he has managed to already receive three bounties that I know of. He received two exotic weapons off of strikes and has also within a two week timeframe received three exotic bounties. I’m just wondering how the game is calculating the random bounties or the exotic drops.

I love the idea about the match making chat. I would like to see an in game message board where people could post that they are looking for Fire Teams instead of always having to go to a website. I don’t like having to pull up my computer or iPad just to create a Fire Team when I’m in the mood to play the game.

I would not mind seeing events outside of just the Crucible or is Bungie scared of putting their people against other players and the outside world? A prime example would be to maybe create a Sparrow Race where regular players could put their skills to the test against a Bungie player.

I would like to know why the raid is actually geared towards a Warlock over the other players. They are the only ones to have a self-revive mode. When you play the raid on hard as a Titan and you die. You die! What is that about?

Also, this is the future, right? Where are the advanced weapons? You have the fallen that have tracking bullets, where’s ours? Where are the laser rifles? Stop killing the weapons. If people aren’t using a type of weapon over another one, fix that weapon and stop getting that other one. If people think the weapon is too powerful in Player Verses Player (PVP) then gut it only in PVP.

What are your thoughts and feedback for the Destiny game?  




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