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First I’d like to say that I’m an avid gamer that will play all types of games. Saying that, I really like the concept of Destiny. The game play is good. The graphics are very nice. Interaction with other players as far as fighting and coming up on them is okay.

Chat is lacking. You can’t chat with somebody unless you’re in a fire team with them. When you go to a section of the game/mission and you get put into a Fire team, you still can’t chat with them at that time. That really bites. I haven’t seen a way to trade items with other players or even sell them. I might be wrong about that. I may not have seen them yet.

It kind of doesn’t make too much sense to cap the standard level at 20 and then say if you want to go above 20, you have to get material items with the light aspect included. It makes sense to some degree, but not completely. How is it going to effect the leveling when the Expansion comes out? As the game grows, what is the effects?

The missions that you can play on the portals are pretty short and sweet. They are an easy way to get some experience under your belt. I have run across a few sections of the game take for instance on Earth there are some areas that have high level enemies and there’s nothing there. Hopefully the expansions will take care of this issue.

I guess the main thing that is a draw back for me with Destiny is it was broadcast as a way to play with other players and have fun doing it. For me, I do not have many friends on PlayStation network. I only friend people who play with me and we play well together.

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I’m always on the hunt for others to join me on my games (my username is moviex73), but the lack of open chat text or voice communication between players to me makes me feel that even I’m in a group I’m still playing solo. Also, there are sections of the game that are designed as group verses group and player verses player. In order to level up, you have to compete in these areas and since I don’t have a lot of experience playing online with other players or against other players due to our Internet status (trying to fix now.) I find it hard on these types of levels.

Overall Destiny is worth buying and playing because of the promise of things that are going to happen in the game later on. I know what some people say, take what the game is not what they say. However, when it comes to the powerhouses of Sony and Bungie together you can’t go wrong in my opinion.

What are your feelings about the Destiny game?



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Hi, I'm Dale. Some of the things I like to do are box, lift weights, and spend time with my beautiful wife Crystal. I also enjoy watching shows on Netflix or playing video games with my son when I can find some free time.

17 comments on “My Take on Destiny the Game”

  1. Wow nice fact to learn about you! I like game playing too! I saw the ads for this game and it looks amazing visually. Thanks for inspiring me to try it.

    • It is an awesome game. If you get it for the Playstation. Feel free to add me as a friend. moviex73 is my username.

  2. My son likes to play community games like this. I’m going to see if he’s heard of it or if he’s already played it!

  3. I’m not a huge gamer, but my husband and son love them. My son is a little young for a community game but hopefully when he is older this has the additions that you speak of.

  4. I’ve never played a video game with other people not in the room with me. My son does on his Xbox though. This game sounds like it isn’t worth the money according to your review.

    • I never stated it was a bad game overall. It’s actually a really good game. I was just pointing out some of the downfalls I’ve faced with it so far.

    • I think your boys would enjoy this game. If they do start to play have them friend me on Playstation.

    • I wish I was able to work on many more things, but with my back issues I’m confined lately. At least I can make the most of my time trapped in a bed or laying down.

  5. I’m a bit disappointed with Destiny. It’s not a bad game, just not nearly as good as the pre-release hype would lead you to believe. I had a lot more fun with Borderlands 2.


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