"Courageous"- Movie Review–Father’s PLEASE READ

This movie was made for all sperm donors and fathers. It is even a reminder for those Dads in this world. In my book, it takes a heck of a man to be called a “Dad.” To me a Dad is a man who is there for his kids even if it means he makes less money or doesn’t have all the materialistic things in this world. He is a man who takes the time to spend with his kids. He also has an active role in raising them. This movie says it so well everything that I feel a “Dad” should be.
Anybody can be a sperm donor or become a father. However, God sees in all parents something that we may not even see in ourselves at the time we are so richly blessed with our kids. God entrust us to do what is right and just for our kids and to bring them into his kingdom. It’s NOT an easy task!! Being a parent is a full time job, and it means sacrifices for those who really care more about their kids than they do themselves. It means at times that we have to use our last tiny bit of energy we may have left in us to do something for them.
My first born daughter may not have died, but I felt the pain of her leaving just as harsh as if she was dead. Due to issues beyond some control from the person who made the promise to me, I no longer have access to her pictures or can talk to her. However, I also have the peace that she knows where I stand concerning her now. She is also getting old enough that she can learn the truth on her own. I have the hope of seeing her again. Even those who raise their kids to believe in God, will also have the hope and faith of seeing their kids they may have lost to death. I know death feels final, but for believers of God, death is only the beginning of the next chapter of our lives. The preacher in this movie said it so well when he said any parent who has gone through something like this feels a closer bond with God, if they let him give him the peace they need.
I recommend this movie whether you believe in God or not. I recommend it whether your a mother or a father. I recommend that you make it a family event to watch it. We are all only given one chance to make an impact on someone’s life–let’s use every second we are blessed with to the fullest!!! I have regrets please don’t get me wrong, but I am striving everyday to make the most of every minute I’m given. I praise God everyday for I am richly blessed to have my family!!! (Even on those bad days!!)



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