"War Horse" Movie Review

This was a pretty good movie. It wasn’t everything I was expecting it to be. However, I’m NOT a huge fan of war scenes at all. They definitely did a wonderful job of portraying the type of bond a person can have with a horse and vice versa. Horses are definitely NOT dogs, they can be even more remarkable than a dog.
This movie reminded me so much of my relationship with Tripp, my horse, that I had growing up. Him and I were just as close as this guy and his horse were. However, when I went off to college, he literally became sick, and a big part of me believes it was because I wasn’t with him everyday. He literally would be at his gate waiting on me to get home from school to ride him everyday. He was very protective of me, and followed me around like a shadow. I could get him to do anything I wanted. I let him be high strong and full of spirit because I loved it. Yet, if I changed my tone and asked him to calm down he became calm as a baby lamb. He was a remarkable horse and full of lots of heart!!
I lost most of my interest in horses when I had to give him up on August 5, 1999. My mom bought me another horse after him, but I couldn’t get back into enjoying riding like she had hoped. I kept my saddle for many years afterwards, and then decided that chances were extremely high that I’d never ride again. There are times I get the urge to ride a good bit, but I haven’t come across another horse that I wanted to invest the time and money into owning yet. I do feel one day it will happen again, but that time hasn’t come yet.
War Horse to me was a bit drawn out in some cases, but overall it was a good movie! It is worth renting on DVD.




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