Choose Your Prom Dresses and Date Wisely

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I have had a lot of fun eyeing all of these glamorous prom dresses online on JJsHouse website. . It makes me want to invest in one for my anniversary so bad and buy Del a nice outfit to go with it, and sneak off to a fancy place to enjoy being in it. If I planned every detail of it all and saved enough money for it he’d jump on board completely with me.

I was watching one of my favorite shows, Switched At Birth, the other day, and one of the characters wanted to go to a school dance but didn’t think her boyfriend would be interested in taking her for various reasons. One of those reasons was because she was overweight (and another guy had made her feel ugly and worthless for his actions (part of the prior shows details).) Anyways, he claimed he could dance and would love to take her to the event. Turns out he couldn’t dance and didn’t own a suit. However, he went to great lengths to be able to dance and made sure he had a suit to take her to her grand event. She was thrilled to have the chance to go buy a dress with her friends.

I can’t wait until Zeva gets to the age of wanting to buy fancy dresses. I remember when I was like 11-12 years old my mom and I spent an entire day going dress shopping, got new jewelry, and shoes. We did our hair up nice and pretty and we even put makeup on. (Considering my Mom hardly ever wore makeup and to her dying day never really learned the fine art of putting it on properly, that is a big deal.) We did it all so that her and I could go out on the town to a fancy restaurant. She had to get gas before we left town, and she pulled up to the gas station her F250 diesel truck and some fellow hunters were there, and she got out of the truck and if I had a camera to catch their expressions it would have been priceless. These hunters mouths couldn’t drop far enough to shield their surprise. My mom had some great looking legs and that dress just enhanced them. She looked stunning that night. She almost had a date out of the ordeal. She even came up with some excuse for me to get out of the truck too to strut my stuff for the hunters sons. It was just an amazing experience!

I bring all of that up because when it’s time to pick out the perfect prom dresses we forget the impressions that we’re giving off while we’re wearing them. So, I’d like to make some suggestions on some practical but yet elegant dresses that are perfect for your young teenager to wear. These are great for the young teenager that you have in your house headed off to their first prom. Modest elegance is key and well worth keeping.


I love how pretty this dress is, but yet leaves a lot to the imagination. I don’t feel any young teenage girl should be showing that much skin. It’s cut at just the right level in the back. Yet, they can have a dress that is well made and will spin with them on the dance floor. The price tag is also reasonable for this dress at only $154.99.

This is another one of my favorite choices. I love the messy top that covers the skin, but yet is teasing the audience. I am a HUGE fan of anything that a rose like texture to it. The design work on this dress so glamorous. It looks as though it will flow with the dancer’s movements as well. It is on sale for $140.49.

Both of these choices will allow the young teenage girl to feel grown up and beautiful without being overly revealing. In this manner that keeps them from sending off the wrong messages too.

A young woman should choose a date who will respect her to the core. They both should be of the same understanding to wait until marriage to have sex. If the young woman dresses appropriately then that task is easier to manage.

If she chooses a date who will go the extra mile for her then she’s got herself a true gem. A man who will do for a woman while they are dating will continue to do so in marriage. She should expect him to arrive early enough to speak with her parents freely. He should have a corsage ready to put on her wrist. He should open the door for her as they get into a vehicle. Then at the end of the night at whatever curfew is placed by her parents, he should walk her to her door. The first and last dance of the night should be reserved for their date at the bare minimum.

Every girl deserves to be respected and treated like a queen on their prom night. Every guy deserves to be respected like a king would be. It can be a very magical night, and it doesn’t take having sex to close the night or a trip to the beach to make it one worth remembering.

What are some other things that you think I should have added that a teenage girl should look for in their prom date?

Check out the rest of the dresses at and tell me which one you’d pick for your teenage girl (or your teenage boy’s date) to wear to their prom. I’d love to know which ones you think are a perfect choice. 



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  1. I remember shopping for my prom dress and how exciting it was! My dress was so pretty – I felt like a princess.

  2. I’m actually not looking forward to prom. I went to a private school and we didn’t do prom or anything like that. Those are some pretty dresses though, especially the pink.


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