Changing The Filter

When you look at your home, you might notice that there are filters for the air and heating system. This is to keep all of the dirt and debris out of the air so that you can breathe a little easier. There are some other benefits of changing your filter that you might not think about.

First, you need to find out what size the filter is before you remove it from the system. There are various types of filters as well, so you need to find one that is appropriate for the home. You can get those that trap more dirt than others as well as simple filters that are scented. Some 3m air filters work well in any kind of system, but it’s best to make sure you get the proper size and kind to ensure the unit functions as it should.

Before you turn on the unit for the heat or air, you should check the filter to see if it is cracked or dirty. You will be able to see a film of dust on the filter if there is an excessive amount of dirt in the air. This might mean that you should try a green filter. These usually trap more dirt than a simple one that is made with a screen and cardboard on the edges. If the filter can’t capture all of the particles because it’s dirty, then you will breathe in the dust. This isn’t good for the lungs and can cause breathing issues, especially in the colder months when you can’t open a window to get air circulating through the home.

When the filter gets clogged with dirt, it makes the system work harder. When the system works harder, it’s using more electricity. If you change the filter on a regular basis, then you will see a noticeable difference in your electric bill. Another thing to keep in mind about the unit working harder is that it could cause it to wear out faster than it would if everything were in proper working condition. It’s a very easy process to change the filter so that your family can breathe easier and your heating and cooling system doesn’t have to strain as much.



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