Career Change Choices You Might not Have Considered

The start of a new year is often a time for reflection and, for many of us, that includes looking at our careers and personal lives to see where we might want to make a change. If you aren’t getting satisfaction from your job, or meeting an acceptable work-life balance, it might be time to think about whether your career is right for you. With the retirement age on the rise, many of us will be working into our seventies and have several career changes during that time, so it isn’t too late to retrain and explore other options. Read on for some jobs you might not have thought about and be sure to do some further research on unique career paths which might make you reassess where you are right now.


Librarianship has changed drastically over the years. With advancements in research and technology, what was once considered a sedate position has become more and more interesting. The library is constantly evolving, and the position will involve information and research management as well as ordering, storing and organizing books, papers, journals and other manuals. Further training in being a librarian will allow you to manage the collaborations between other institutions and businesses which modern-day librarians are required to do. A job which would be different every day.


A non-medical position in which you would support a woman through childbirth. A doula offers support to the mom before, during and post-childbirth, and assists with other aspects of pregnancy, for example researching into birthing options. Your responsibilities would be varied and range from anything to ensuring that the mom’s birth plan is being respected by the medical professionals to massage and ensuring she is comfortable throughout the process. The benefits of doulas for pregnancy have not been extensively researched, but a few studies have shown that doula-assisted mothers are less likely to have low birth weight babies. To become a doula you would typically complete a short training programme. This is an ideal position for someone who wants to help and work with expecting mothers.

Professional Bridesmaid

This might seem like a non-existent job, but you’d be surprised at the number of brides who are opting to use professional bridesmaids. It can be difficult to balance to be a bridesmaid alongside everyday life. Work and childcare responsibilities can make something which is supposed to be a fun and supportive role for a close friend into an obligation and regularly causes irreparable damage to friendships. Taking on many of the responsibilities of a wedding planner, you might be dress shopping, shower-planning, taking on save-the-date and invitation printing duties, and coordinating the other hired professionals, such as catering, DJ etc. Many professional bridesmaids have a background in event-planning, but it isn’t essential. What will be important is that you get on well with people (even when they’re stressed and being apparently unreasonable – bridezilla, anyone?) and preferably have some alternative skills. If you can style hair, paint nails and do high-quality makeup, all this will stand you in good stead for a career as a professional bridesmaid.



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