5 Must-Try Ways To Use CBD

You’ve likely noticed CBD is taking the world by storm. Celebrities are endorsing it, your friends are taking it, and you’ve probably been dabbling in it yourself.

CBD infusions are spreading throughout consumer products. From lip-balms to coffee, and skin creams to gummies –– people are excited to find their favorite cannabinoid in the products they love.

This cannabinoid won’t get you high, but it’s an ingredient with a lot of research being done to prove its therapeutic value. Between the anecdotal evidence and studies available, it’s easy to see the value CBD offers.

Thinking about giving it a try? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new way to get your daily dosage. Whether you’re new to the industry or a long-term lover of CBD, here are the top CBD consumption methods you’ll want to try!

1. Eating It –– Because Who Doesn’t Love Tasty Treats?

Adding CBD to food is becoming increasingly popular. From CBD gummies to water-soluble CBD, people are enjoying prepackaged infusions and additives alike.

Eating CBD is convenient. Rather than taking a pill, it’s as simple as adding an infusion to your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.

This method is also discrete, with the packaging acting as the only tell-tale sign that the food or drink includes CBD. So whether you’re eating CBD gummies or some other kind of CBD infused edibles, no one is going to know –– unless you show them the package, of course!

2. Sublingually for Lightning Fast Absorption

Dropping CBD oil under the tongue is the fastest way to absorb it. CBD sublingual application goes directly into the bloodstream, offering instant benefits. This method is much faster than edibles, meaning you’ll feel quick relief.

It’s rather convenient to absorb CBD for its sublingual effects. These drops are easy to add to any routine. They’re also aromatic and flavorful due to the terpene oils.

All in all, dropping CBD oil under the tongue is an excellent way to take it. It’s definitely worth a try if you haven’t tried it yet.

3. As a Cream for Discreet Skin Application

Can a cream infusion really be that effective? The answer shouldn’t surprise you. As CBD cream for skin care is becoming increasingly popular each day, the potential benefits add fuel to this growth in popularity.

Between protecting the skin and treating blemishes, it’s no wonder why CBD skin treatment is gaining so much traction in the health and wellness industry.

More people than ever before are choosing these creams and lotions because they’re easy to apply and discreet. However, the popularity isn’t limited to the way it’s used.

Whether you choose to use CBD cream for a problematic area of your skin as treatment, or its therapeutic benefits, these products have a variety of applications. If you’re looking to treat, heal, or hydrate your skin, this is the product you should try.

4. In a Face Mist for a Morning Pick Me Up Without Caffeine

Who needs caffeine first thing in the morning when you have a CBD face mist? This face mist is a unique product offering CBD instead of coffee for a refreshing way to wake up.

The formula hydrates and tones the skin, tightening the pores while offering your skin the protection it deserves throughout the day. The cucumber used in its creation also provides some much-needed vitamin C, folic acid, and witch hazel.

All in all, a CBD face mist can be an excellent start to the day. And you can avoid having to drink sugar- and caffeine-infused coffee bean drinks too!

5. Vaping for Convenient On-The-Go Dosages

Looking to get a dosage of CBD without having to smoke flower? Smoking is harsh and challenging to conceal. Fortunately, vaping removes the downsides of smoking for a stylish way to get your CBD.

A CBD oil vape pen is incredibly convenient and discrete. It fits in your pocket or handbag without hesitation and is incredibly easy to operate.

There’s no combustion, meaning you won’t need a lighter and won’t have the offensive odor that’s typically associated with smoking. Instead, you have an odorless CBD vape deliver light, tasteful vapor clouds with an inhale.

Let’s not forget the absorption rate of vaping CBD is pretty impressive. With all of this in mind, vaping is like the futuristic way to get your CBD in the present, and this smooth delivery system is attractive.


As CBD becomes more popular, impressive innovations continue coming to the market. There’s no single best way to take CBD, and it’s ultimately a matter of preference. Trying the plethora of options will help you discover how you prefer to take CBD.

Whether you decide you prefer eating it over applying it to your skin or vaping it over dropping it under your tongue, there are many discreet ways to take CBD oil. We recommend trying them all to see which method of administration you enjoy the most!



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