Bond of Silence- Movie Review

This was a movie that I just grabbed today. Out of all the movies, I picked up, this one so far has been the most enjoyable. I don’t like the fact that the woman had to deal with losing her husband. I personally, couldn’t imagine losing my husband and staying sane and calm like she is throughout this movie. However, I also do believe in the power of forgiveness.

Sometimes victims form a bond of silence that keeps people who are guilty of many things from being caught and paying the price for crimes committed. There are many times when people keep quiet out of fear of being harmed worse.

I was quite disappointed in the amount of drinking and drug activity that happened at the party that so many teenagers were a part of. What makes it sad, is I know that has been common place for many years. I can understand to some extent what the appeal is with drinking and doing drugs, but so many times people end up doing stupid things that they wouldn’t other wise have done.

This movie is one worth watching with your kids and rising teenagers. It tells a different side of the drug-alcohol story. I’ve lived through an alcohol induced violence in my life, and I think that is one of the major reasons why I don’t drink and avoid settings where there is a lot of alcohol around. I have literally been known to take alcohol bottles and crush them to pieces if some of my friends tried to drink around me when I was a teenager. I feared it that much!! I definitely have NEVER done the drug scene, and I know I won’t. (I have a hard time taking prescription medicine.)

Forgiveness is not only a great gift to give to those to harm you (and those you love), but it’s an even greater gift to give yourself. It sets you free.



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