Boys and Manners

I do declare raising boys has been one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had to do. The older they get the harder it seems to become. I’ve read many books lately the specialize in raising boys and ways to deal with them. I don’t know if the books are helping or if it’s the fact that my boys are finally realizing that Mommy means business. Who knows, but lately my oldest has been going back on the straight and narrow. I couldn’t be prouder. (My big concern is how long is it going last, but I’m definitely enjoying it while it lasts!!!)

Yesterday, I had to take the kids into town and exchange an item. I decided to give Jimmy some experience in gaining assistance from someone in a store by himself. He calmly walked up to the representative and waited until she was done doing her stocking, and said, “Excuse me, my Mommy needs to do an exchange.” The representative complimented how well he did and was glad to see that manners were still being taught.

Then today, we were leaving Dollar Tree, and I had to change Zeva’s behind, and had Jimmy standing in front of the car (which happened to be in front of the Dollar Tree door) waiting to throw away the diaper. He noticed that a woman had a very full cart and was trying to get out the door and he quickly opened the door for her. (He also held it open for others as well.) He’s been doing that a lot lately, which I am very proud see him do it even though we have to wait on him sometimes. Anyways, the woman gave me a dollar to give to him for “his good manners.” Jimmy was so proud and excited and SHOCKED to get that dollar. I was also proud and grateful that someone other than me was acknowledging his behavior yet AGAIN this week.

The old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” It definitely helped solidify what I’ve been trying to teach my boys. Delbert was disappointed that he hasn’t earned any compliments or money. However, I reminded him that good behavior gains him those things. He was hipper today, but he admitted on the way home that he was tired. When he’s tired, he’s a handful and a half.

I do feel for both of their teachers this coming year. I just hope neither one of their teachers give them an inch because if they do they will regret it big time!! My boys love to challenge the boundaries. Of course, I’m learning that most boys do.

Did you/your boys do the same thing?? What was the best way to keep them well behaved???




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