Best Recliner for Neck Pain: Enhancing Your Back and Neck Pain Problems With Recliners

Have you ever tried bending and felt like you just can’t? Or like you could snap your backbone if you went any farther? Alternatively, does your neck ever feel so stiff such that when you make the slightest turn you are hit with a most stinging ache ever? In this post we’ll look at some best recliner for neck pain and more.

If you have felt the above symptoms, check your lifestyle. If the pain is not caused by an accident, chances are that you are leading a sedentary lifestyle involving negligible physical activity, hence your muscles are tense. In this case, recliners with adjustable lumbar support can be very helpful.

This is not the only cause all the same. Let us explore some of the other causes of neck and back pain.

The common causes of back and neck pain

Back and neck pain is brought factors about by many factors including:

  • Sports injuries such as doing exercises and gym the wrong way. These can lead to sprained or strained muscles.
  • Sitting for extended periods which puts a lot of pressure on the back and neck leading to pains and aches.
  • Excess weight due to obesity or pregnancy which stresses the spine and cause pain.

All these factors stress the muscles of the back and around the spine, making them tighten and causing back pain.

How do you deal with back pain?

Some people suffer from chronic back pain and need constant medical attention. Others simply need little lifestyle changes and the problem is solved.

One of these is through the use of the correct furniture; specifically reclining chairs. When you sit on traditional straight-back chairs, you put a lot of pressure on your back and this can lead to strained muscles. Recliners remove pressure from the back and help relax tensed muscles, which is why it’s important to find the best recliner for neck pain.

Recliners are meant to relieve the symptoms of neck and back pain. Below, I break down some of the features that rate the best recliners for back and neck pain.

Features of good recliners for back and neck pain

  • A special design that enables you to sit in a reclining position. This takes the pressure away from the neck and back thus making you fell more relaxed.
  • They provide pressure relief by keeping the backbone straight.
  • They can be adjusted up or down in line with your preferred suspension
  • Some are fitted with unique air compression massage that removes stiffness around the back and neck.
  • A special backrest lets you relax and recline to an angle of your choice for extra comfort.
  • Some have power rollers that rejuvenate your body and mind by reducing fatigue and relaxing tensed muscles.

Tips To Find The Best Recliner For Neck Pain

When you decide to get yourself a recliner, consider the following factors so that you buy a set that will not only ease the pain but keep you comfortable too.

The cause of the pain: You can only choose the best recliner when you know the cause of your pain. Your orthopedic surgeon should be able to diagnose the problem and advise accordingly. But generally it works as follows:

  • For general relief from chronic or temporary back pain, something that elevates your legs slightly while providing lumbar support is good enough and makes for a best recliner for neck pain.
  • For pinched nerves that cause numbness or sharp pains, a massaging recliner that has a low footstool and a sturdy lower back support is recommended.
  • If it is just strained muscles maybe arising out of sports injury, you will have to go for a very soft recliner that provides adequate lumbar support.
  • For those who cannot stand straight up or lower themselves, a lift chair will do. This is because chair usually has a control panel that lets you raise and lower it so that you don’t strain when sitting or standing.


Look out for a recliner that has the functional requirements that suit your needs. For example, does it offer both lumbar and neck support? Is it easy to control? How far can it recline? Is it comfortable? At the very basic level, a recliner is only as good as it can serve the purpose for which it is meant.


Recliners come in all shapes and sizes to cater for all sizes and shapes in the population. Get a recliner that can carry your weight and height. Anything else will leave you feeling uncomfortable and dissatisfied.


A recliner is one of those pieces of furniture that you should purchase just once in your lifetime. So consider the material from which it is made. If it is leather, ensure it is real leather since blended leather has a short lifespan. If it is made from cloth, the fabric should be strong.


Recliners vary in price, you should bear in mind the budgetary implication. For basic use, go for a basic recliner with few accessories to cut down on cost. More severe pain will require a custom made recliner with more amenities. These tend to be more expensive.

And finally…

Doctors agree that using recliners help ease chronic back and neck pain. This is because they take the pressure off your back and help you relax. They are the perfect home remedy that will keep you off medication and let you live a normal life. Choose the right one and say bye to chronic back and neck pain. I hope this guide helps you find the best recliner for neck pain.



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  1. I suspect that the leather in mmy recliner has been treated with a chemical that I am allergic to. I have large, dark, round spots on my arms and inner thighs and a large red area on my buttocks.

  2. I have had lazy boy for 49 years went to get another one and am very sad that it cost 900 each and are cheep no back support like the one I’ve had for 15 years mad cheep can’t see the springs on the back of the chair like you use to so you could fix it now sealed up.

  3. I have a 4 year old recliner it wasn’t expensive but lately it has caused my neck pain. Sitting in it is torture.

  4. Wow, this article really hit the nail on the head when it comes to the causes and solutions for neck and back pain. I can definitely relate to the feeling of wanting to snap my backbone if I bend too far. I never knew that recliners with adjustable lumbar support could be so helpful. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the best recliner for neck pain the next time I’m in the market for new furniture. Thanks for the informative read!


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