Sleeping on Sofa Bed Every Day, Is It Bad for Our Health?

Sofa bed, as a classic dual-purpose furniture, has an over 100-year history since 1905 when Rudolf Coopersmith filed the first patent about this fitment, which was called Davenport bed at that time. This invention has made a long journey to our age. Today, it is still prevalent as it solves the limited living space problem, which becomes even more critical as the population explodes.

But do you really know about this furniture? Is it suitable for our health long-time sleeping on it? Is that possible to have the same comfortable experience as sleeping on a traditional bed? We have dug in to get all these answers for you.

1. Sofa or bed? What exactly is it?

Gone are the days when sofa beds were cumbersome and body-unpleasant redundant pieces, although the image of a sofa bed for many people still remains years ago. So what precisely a today’s sofa bed? Is it a durable, cozy sofa like a traditional one? Yes. Is it a regular bed? Also yes. I mean, at least when it is subject to specific criteria.

Over the past decades, people have devoted much effort and creativity to perfecting this intelligent, practical space-saving solution. Today’s sofa bed combines a daily-used sofa and a spare bed for our living spaces. It will be your best solution when you do not have an extra guest room for your friends or folks, are unwilling to get an extra bed, or want your room to serve both as a living room and a bedroom. 

So here comes another question, is that possible long-time sleep on a sofa bed without causing any damage to our lumbar and cervical vertebrae? Although many ads affirm this fact, how can I ensure that convincedly? Next, Let’s talk about that.

2. How can I ensure my sofa bed is suitable for long-time sleeping? 

Is a sofa bed comfortable or body-harmless for long-time sleeping depending on some specific aspects rather than what it is, just like you can’t conclude that beds are not suitable for sleep if a single bed is not cozy, right? The good news is the constant upgrading of the sofa bed makes us much easier to get a cozy one.

The mattress inside the sofa bed will significantly affect your sleeping quality. An excellent one offers each inch of your body adequate and soft support. You need to check its material, which works as a mattress’s critical factor, allowing you a whole night of good sleep.

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Considering better air circulation and cushion, memory foam is a good option since it is elastic and poriferous. Of course, not any cushioned foam has these two merits. You’d better pay more attention to the thickness and density.

However, a memory foam-innerspring hybrid type is strongly recommended if you are looking for ultimate comfort. When it comes to this kind of sofa bed, do not forget to keep an eye on the thickness and quantity of the spring, which directly matters to the support effect.


Last, you’d better check whether the mattress makes noise when you sleep or roll over on it. After all, you do not want to be awakened by the unpleasant creak. For this point, I suggest experiencing it yourself as far as possible before placing an order so you can 100% assure that.


3. Any other tips for improving my sleeping quality on my sofa bed?

Nothing can be more effective than a deep sleep in curing our exhausted body and mind. However, the bed is not the only element that ensures or impacts our sleep quality. Here are some other good things that can work together with your sofa bed to assist you in having sweet dreams:

A. Get a good neck pillow~

The too-hard, too-high, or too-low pillow can make you feel unpleasant and thus challenging to fall asleep, and harm your neck, shoulder, or even respiratory system. A good neck pillow is strongly recommended, which can provide not just your head but also your neck and should with reasonable care, making you fall asleep as soon as touching the pillow.


B. Let bedding made of quality fabric make you shine

A soft, warm, breathable bed sheet and bedding bag can make your skin contact with them enjoyable, making your sleep an expectation every day. Besides, the selected fabric can be good for your skin and hair. Many would ignore that the safe and healthy material can cause fewer skin problems and improve your hair gloss. That is by no means an exaggeration. Under the microscope, the premium fabric has higher density and smoother fiber, meaning less tiny floc and unnecessary skin and hair friction.

C. Why not try a sleep aid fragrance?

Aromatherapy, it turns out, is far from nonsense. Some essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, neroli, and citrus have a soothing, relaxing, and calming effect on our nerves.

After a busy day, reading a few pages under soft, warm light, breathing a touch of restful pleasant nature, and being embraced by a cloud-like clean fabric is the best way to take care of yourself.


Perhaps we cannot move into our dream house immediately. However, we have many ways to make us stay in a restful, inspired and nourishing living space right now. Do not forget life is about every current moment instead of tomorrow. Be kind to yourself, and have a good sleep.



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