Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Reviews–Zeva’s Room

First off let me say, that unfortunately, time did not give us the chance to finish every part of her room, which would’ve made the Benjamin Moore aura paint reviews that much better. However, we did paint enough for you to see how wonderful the paint looks on our cinder block walls (with only two coats of paint.)
We had the pleasure of trying a gallon of Benjamin Moore Aura Semi-Gloss paint free of charge since I’m a Bzzagent. This paint truly made Zeva’s room shine bright.

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Reviews

She originally had a typical white color in her room as you can see from the first picture. Of course, her being not quite a year old could careless.

That was until Daddy started painting her room in Lavender Ice. Then you saw a baby jump around with delight. Mind you purple is her favorite color. I didn’t want to go with a really purple color, but I did want to go with a color that had a nice soft shade of purple to it.

I’m sorry I couldn’t show you a complete look of her room, but it’s still a mess to some degree. However, I wanted to be sure that I showed you the paint and how good it did.
 I’ve been waiting to do this project for some time now. However, we didn’t get our extra hands until late in the afternoon. Del has to do school work most of the time all day on the weekend. I didn’t have hands to help with Zeva. Bless Del’s heart he painted this for me this morning so that I could at least show you this so this post was done on time. Once we get completely done with it all (we’re going to be adding Tinkerbell themes to her wall and room) I’ll share more pictures. 🙂
I hope you enjoyed seeing at least these pictures and information.



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