Zeva Is Officially In Preschool ONLINE for FREE!

Zeva has been a part of the boy’s homeschooling lessons since she was born. Many days she gets actively involved in their lessons even though it’s clear she has no clue what they are learning. However, she has learned that school time is time to be quiet and respectful of those who are in class. Well, now she’s thrilled and eagerly soaking in her own lessons. She even makes sure the boys are just as involved in her lessons as she is in theirs. She is definitely old enough to start Preschool now too. Most preschool students are between the ages 2-5.

When I was approached about doing a sponsored post for Chalk Preschool a free online preschool curriculum program, I honestly thought it was going to be one of those simple basic boring plans. I was in for a nice pleasant surprise after I created an account for us. What we gained instead was an online video resource for kids that is completely FREE.

Here are some screenshots of the student and parent section: (Sorry for the poor quality of photos but I went from the video to straight taking pictures using my iPhone.)

Students are assigned lessons Monday-Friday to do just like a standard school schedule. Of course, since it’s online we’re able to do it when it’s convenient for us. They provide lessons in the core subjects like literacy, math, and science. They include music and dance in the lessons to help your child’s motor skills and to keep them engaged in the lessons. Chalk Preschool also gives parents “hands-on learning” lessons that includes cooking lessons, nature walks, and artistic projects. They break the lessons down into different color classrooms based on the child’s age.

I am beyond thrilled with what this program has to offer Zeva as well as other children. I love how it has videos of people of all ages interacting within them. Considering I have kids who are energetic, I enjoy the fact that she is encouraged to be physically involved with her learning. When she was doing this lesson she was taking it very seriously, but you could tell she was enjoying it. Watch her little hands and how much they are moving, it’s so cute.  Here’s a sneak peak video of some of what they offer.

I would definitely recommend this program for any parent who has preschool age kids. It’s free and filled with valuable lessons that are fun and engaging for all who watch them. They also provide suggestions for ways for us as parents to be actively involved in teaching our kids. (Since Zeva is able to operate a computer, I can actually let her hit the play button on these videos and she can watch them on her own too.)

You can gain more information about these free online preschool activities by visiting their website. You can also find out the latest news about Chalk Preschool by checking out their Chalk Preschool News Room. To gain more educational ideas be sure to check out their entire website. Don’t forget to like the Chalk Preschool Facebook page.

Do you have a child this program would be perfect for in your life? 




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I'm Crystal. I'm married to Dale, and mother to Johnny.Some might say that my life is perfect because I get to do all the cliché wife things like cooking, cleaning, and decorating - but there's more! I also have many hobbies including needlework (crochet), sewing, and reading. My son's education is important, so we homeschool him together.

33 comments on “Zeva Is Officially In Preschool ONLINE for FREE!”

    • I have to agree with you on that topic. As Kathleen pointed out though, there are so many wonderful free programs and services online now that we have many resources at our disposal now.

  1. I have not heard of this program before, but as a homeschooling mom of four, I know there are a lot of great free resources out there! Glad it is working for you!

    • There definitely are a lot of great free programs out there. I’m still finding so many of them that are totally worth sharing. It’s actually pretty shocking how many ways we have to homeschool our kids without having to spend a lot of money. We are truly blessed beyond measure in that regard. The longer I do this the more I think we are doing God’s will.

    • My six year old really enjoys it even though he is in 1st grade (almost 2nd.) He loves the physical activities of it, and reviewing the stuff with his sister. It makes him feel like he’s the king because he can share things he’s learned with her in a fun way. It never hurts to have them review things in between grades. If nothing else, it will give him something fun to do while you get some household tasks/blogging tasks done. 😉

    • He will LOVE it. You will love it too because it will teach him so much and wear him out if he does the activities. Plus you can get other things done. Not to mention, you gain lesson ideas to have a hands on approach to teaching your kids.

    • I love it. I have to agree that it’s better than just watching TV alone. I wish I had known about this program while Delbert was younger. It would have been PERFECT for him. However, I had no clue it existed.

  2. I like that it also has physical play included. This is great for some kids who are on the edge of being ready!

    • I love that concept too. Zeva didn’t show her active personality while I had the video rolling, but she was getting into the dance and making her brothers join her when I didn’t have it on her.

    • I’m glad that I had a child that could really get to enjoy this program. I would have felt like it was a great loss had that not been the case.

    • I wouldn’t say there is much interaction involved. It’s just your child watching lessons and you being involved with the offline things.

  3. I would have loved this when my son was younger. We didn’t want to send him out of the home for preschool, and this would have been perfect for us.

    • I feel like our kids now are at stronger advantage of learning educational things sooner in their lives. However, I also feel like their opportunity to explore the world around them and find that creative side to themselves is getting lost. I know my oldest child has absolutely very little creativity. The creative things he does come up with to do are not all that pleasing to me or his father.

  4. I’m not one of these people that is convinced that preschool is necessary (at least the formal idea of preschoool, anyway). I think the best place for kids to be is at home for as long as possible. Kids can learn to cut and paste at home. I think this is an excellent program. It allows the kids to be at home, and for the parent to supplement their own activities. I think the best learning the kids will do on their own.

    This is a fabulous way to engage kids while you are teaching the olders.

    Thanks so much for sharing on the homeschoollinkup. I’m definitely sharing this review on my curriculum pinterest board!

    • I wasn’t in Preschool growing up and I still managed to graduate from high school with honors. Of course, I have a thirst for learning new things all the time. So, I may be an exception. Both of my boys went through what I like to call “Momma Preschool” (which translate to my mother-in-law shoving as much educational games/toys/online programs down their throats as possible.) However, I praise her dearly for taking the time and energy to do that with them. Granted Delbert still isn’t up to his reading level, but neither was Jimmy. After one full summer of working with him everyday for three hours at least a day, he can now read anything I give him. Plus I do declare he could win any spelling bee I could put him in. Both of them are smart beyond their grade levels, and if I decided to push the issue I’m sure I could have them skip grades. If they continue to show boredom after Delbert gets to his reading level, I’m probably going to consider it.

      I love teaching my kids at home, and they love it too.

  5. My youngest loved websites that encouraged learning during his preschool years. I’m sure your little girl is going to do amazingly thanks to this jumpstart!

    • She LOVES having her own little class to attend like the boys. She now feels more grown up, and you can tell it in every part of her personality now. It’s almost like she’s jumped over into a new mentality.

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