Gift Giving Rant From the Man of This House

Christmas is right around the corner, and I normally have Christmas shopping done by now for our family. However, this year the number one and only gift my kids and wife want I haven’t been able to get them. It’s not because I wasn’t prepared to get it for them because they’ve told me as soon as they found out it existed that they wanted it so we’ve been saving every penny we can scrounge up for it.

Unfortunately, when I went to preorder this item they had already reached their preorder quota for this item by the time I could get there. I’ve searched ALL over the Internet for this item for ages only to reach a dead end.

Now if I want to pay double as much for it I can get it through Amazon through second hand people who claim that they were able to preorder the item. I am concerned that if I preorder it through them that I still may not see the item, and then all the money would be gone and nothing to show for it.

My biggest gripe though is the fact that we are placed on several different waiting lists for this item. Only to read in all news updates on this item that they may not have enough to distribute to the customers that have placed their names on the waiting lists. Since I live in a rural area, I know chances are even higher that we’re going to be put on the bottom of the list for getting this item.

Then to see TV ads almost daily several times a day pointing out even more features for this item, and having to hear my kids AND wife, whom I got addicted to video games, worry that we won’t be getting one for Christmas upsets me greatly. Why are they still advertizing it so much if they are not going to have any to sell come release day??? I certainly hope that all of the news updates stating that they may not have any is a lie because we’ve been counting on this item to cover our Christmas gifts for the entire year!!

We can’t afford much for Christmas, but this is one item that was going to make all of my family happy. I hope that the manufacturer is able to produce enough to meet the demands for this item. Their preordering didn’t even last a week before they were all sold out EVERYWHERE.

So, here’s to hoping that our family is able to enjoy a wonderful gift this year. Mind you we don’t feel that gifts truly make or break a Christmas. However, in our society, if our kids don’t get any gifts of any kind other kids tend to be cruel towards them over it. We will hold our funds until we can get this item because it is something that we’ve been wanting for a long time now.

Has this ever been an issue for you?? 




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