Benefits of QR Codes

QR codes have been around for a long time. You’ve probably seen them dotted around on marketing materials and catalogs. But, few of us actually used them regularly. It’s only been in the last few months when businesses have embraced ways to decrease physical contact, and limit contact with touchpoints, that many of us have started to interact with QR codes regularly. But what are they, how do you use them, and what are the benefits?

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a small square design made up of black lines and squares. A bit like a more intricate bar code. They often appear in magazines or on flyers or interactive displays and offer consumers an easy way to access more information about a product or service. During the pandemic, many hospitality businesses have displayed QR codes to give customers a way to check-in or view the menu without touching a physical copy. 

How Do You Use Them?

If you’ve wondered how to use a QR code, you certainly aren’t alone. They are still relatively new, but marketers often use them presuming that we all already know, without offering instructions.

The good news is, all you need is your smartphone. Simply open your phone’s camera, and hold it up to the code so that it is all in the shot and focused. Then, your phone will scan the code. You don’t even have to press a button. Your phone will use this data to send you to a website, an online menu, or an app if you have it. You can even use QR codes to access instructional videos for products, enter competitions, and gain extra content. 

What are the Benefits for Customers?

As a customer, there are many benefits to scanning those QR codes. At the moment, they can offer extra protection from COVID-19 and reduce the materials that you need to touch. But, without a pandemic, they still make your life easier. You don’t need to remember web addresses or write things down. You scan the code. You’ve got the information. It really is that simple. 

Why Do Businesses Use Them?

Protection and simplicity are significant advantages for marketers and businesses too. QR codes also help them build positive relationships with their customers and improve their reputation as an easy to use a company that offers an excellent user experience. QR codes also give them a way to communicate information without having to print costly materials. They are even better for the planet. They can be especially useful or small businesses, who can use a QR code Generator to make the process easy and cost-effective. 

QR codes were first invented in 1994 in an attempt to improve the bar code system. There were QR codes long before we all had a camera in our pockets. But, it’s those cameras that have really brought them to life and opened up their possibilities. Next time you see a QR code, don’t worry about how to use it, just turn your camera on and give it a go.




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