Top 5 UK Destinations For Pet-Friendly Holidays

The UK is one of the most dog-friendly countries in the world. According to a survey commissioned by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association, 23% of all households in the nation own at least one dog. It means that nine million canines are living all over the country as of 2020.  

British households are known for taking care of their four-legged friends. They even consider them as beloved members of the family. It is the reason why leaving the furry pals during holidays can be extremely heartbreaking. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in the UK that accept dog visitors. These getaway destinations allow families to plan UK holidays with dogs any time of the year. 

Since there are many places in the country to choose from if you want to take your favourite pet for vacation, you need to choose the best place where you and your dog will surely enjoy. Here are some of the top holiday destinations in the UK where you can take your dog. 


Also called Devonshire, this popular recreation and tourism country in England is very popular among dog owners in the country for having plenty of dog-friendly cafes. 

You may bring your dog on a picturesque walk along the vast coastline of Ilfracombe to see the beauty of Hangman Point and Watermouth Bay. After your refreshing walk, you may treat yourself and your furry friend to a variety of homemade cares, fresh scones, or biscuits in one of the cafes in the county. 


If you want to take your entire family to South West England, you may head towards Cornwall to have a relaxing getaway. It has countryside attractions and coastal areas that are perfect for families who want to enjoy both areas. 

Your family and your little friend will have fun hiking along Sandymouth, a two-mile National Trust Beach that allows dogs to roam safely all year long. The area also has a waterfall and surf-hire. Every member of the family would love exploring the gardens, woodlands, and hiking areas all day then have some refreshments at a seasonal cafe after a fun bonding session at the park.  


If you want to take your dog to a beach with no restrictions throughout the year, then head over to Holkham Bay in Norfolk. This scenic beach at the rural county in East Anglia, England has many walking routes where you can unleash your pet and watch him or her run around and enjoy the feeling of sand on their paws. 

This quiet and often understated destination also has a variety of places where you can let your dog tag along. You may bring your four-legged friend to join you at a boating expedition at the Norfolk Broads. The UK holidays with dogs will be extra memorable if you stay in one of the most amazing villages in Cley next the Sea, the home of an iconic 13th-century church and 18th-century windmill.  


The breathtaking landscapes of Scotland are something that you and your pet should never miss if you have plenty of time for a holiday. This part of the UK has many pet-friendly places where you can enjoy the outdoors.

If you want to take your fur baby on a scenic walk, you can go to the lovely resort town called Oban. Located in Argyll and Bute, this town is very famous among visitors due to its mind-blowing paths along coastal, mountainous, and hilly areas. 

A boat trip in Inverness with your pup cap your entire trip to the country. You only need to find dog-friendly accommodation in Inverness to allow you to have more opportunities to visit plenty of historical spots in Scotland.  


The country is also a popular vacation spot for people travelling with dogs. Wales’ fresh air, amazing views, and spectacular beaches are something to look forward to if you want to take a break from your daily grind and treat your dog to a new environment. 

You and your pup can walk all over the town of Pembrokeshire to bask in the views from the legendary Pembroke Castle. The birthplace of Henry VII allows your dog to visit the farmers’ market and have a refreshing meal at The Royal George, a pet-friendly restaurant. 

Look for a pet-friendly accommodation in Crymych, Pembrokeshire to have a chance to stay in an isolated yet charming barn to enjoy the countryside vacation fully.  

Vacations in the UK will be extra memorable if you will take your lovable pet with you. You only need to make sure that you will update the dog’s annual vaccines, prepare his or her travel essentials like collars and leashes, and have enough supply of dog food to make your trip problem-free. 




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