BELIEVE My Interview With Patti Mallette

I was given the chance to have a personal small interview with Pattle Mallette’s, Justin Bieber’s mother, a little while ago. However, all of opinions and thoughts are my own! 

Let me start off by saying that I honestly and truly took this opportunity because of my niece first and foremost. I personally knew very little about him. However, I knew she is a fan of his.

I knew about his upcoming movie BELIEVE. I am actually quite excited to see it when it comes out because it looks like it’s going to be a remarkable movie about the behind the scenes look at his life. I’m always fascinated to see how the stars in our life live compared to us. Justin’s story is truly interesting because he was a star at a very young age. The movie is filled with behind the scenes interviews with those closest to Justin, including his mother.

Now I’m not going to lie, I honestly figured I wouldn’t be nervous about chatting with Justin’s mom because I’ve ALWAYS had the mindset that other human beings regardless of their status in our lives, “still put their pants on one foot at a time.” So, I was comfortable with the whole concept of talking to her until the phone call actually came. 

Then I felt like a stammering nut. However, to my delight, Pattie was patient with me and actually was more than willing to answer any question I had. Patti just proved to me why she has so many fans on Twitter, she’s very easy going and totally loves interacting with the public.

One thing that we did discuss was the fact that Justin is receiving tons of negative publicly lately in the media.  As any mother, she was quite upset over that fact. Yet, her retaliation to it wasn’t just a mother being bias. Instead what I found out is that the media isn’t focusing on the fact that Justin Bieber has done many selfless things throughout his career. He has helped make over 200 Make A Wish campaigns a reality in his short career. He has done many other amazing things to help improve the lives of others all around the world.

Patti Mallette, herself, is someone worth mentioning too. She has created her foundation called Round 2. Round 2 was created as a to offer those in dire situations the chance to get back on their feet. As a teenage mother, she knows that there are times in a person’s life that they need a helping hand to reach a better level of quality in their lives. She has also been actively involved in many other similar activities in her life.

Patti is currently an executive producer for the movie “Renee.”  “Renee” is a movie about the global movement to Write Love on Her Arms. It is set to release in winter 2013.

Patti has also written the book called “Nowhere But Up.” This book is about how a person can only go up after having reached the bottom. In the first week of it’s release it became a New York Times bestseller. (It actually sounds like my type of book, I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it until this interview.

Needless to say my interview with Patti was actually quite informative despite a few hiccups in the call. I am glad I got the chance to learn more about them both on a personal level. It makes me more impatient to see the movie BELIEVE on Christmas Day 2013.

You can find out more information on the website. You can also connect on Facebook or Twitter.



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