Blog Dare…It Would Be A Big Help…For My Blogging Career

I’m taking on the Blog Dare . Today’s theme is: It would be a big help…I put in perspective to my blogging career.   I’m treating it like you would the Five Minute Friday posts because I want to ensure that I actually share a part of my soul with you. I hope you enjoy reading these posts. 

More Hours Would Enhance My Blogging Career

It would be a big help if I could have more hours in a day. I do declare I feel like I’m consistently on the go and never have enough time to get everything done. I literally want to get so much done. I mean today I was literally trying to eat brunch, but my adrenaline was in full gear. I couldn’t calm my body down enough to really enjoy eating. I told Del there is something seriously wrong if I can’t even slow down when I’m sitting down with the family eating.

I imagine I’m not alone with that feeling of not being able to slow down. It has to be especially true during this holiday season. I’m looking at my mighty long to-do list and scratching my head trying to figure out how in the hang it’s all going to get done. I’ve stressed that things always manage to get done. However, what I didn’t stress over is how much it costs me to do it.

What has been a big help in my blogging career?

Extra Hands Are Big Help

Having Del home is such a wonderful thing! However, he’s definitely thrown the kids and me off our routine that we’ve gained in the past nine months of not having him anymore. He is doing what he can to ensure that everyone pitches in to be a big help. He has assigned everyone to a new set of tasks to have accomplished by the end of the day (myself included.) He is trying to establish a routine to where everything that needs to be done in a day gets done and we actually get ahead.

I forgot how it is having him home. Him and I both bounce topics and ideas off each other all day long. He has his domain in the house and I have mine. So, when we want to chat with each other we literally page one another to come to our domain area in the house (which is on the opposite end of the house.) We both stop what we’re doing regardless what it is to “chat” with the other. I forgot just how many times in one day we do that to one another!

So, although having him home is so wonderful….there’s a huge adjustment period to get used to having him here. The extra hands he gives me with the housework (and dealing with the kids) is oh so wonderful! Once we get back on a routine of having him working from home again, life will be grand. It’s just yet another change.

Learning New Things Are a Big Help

I literally can’t begin to tell you the amount of things I’ve learned over the past three years. I’ve learned how to build a website from the ground up. I’ve learned about hosting. I’ve learned quite a bit about social media (I’ve still got a lot left to learn about that one!) I’ve learned about so many other wonderful things.

I love everything I’ve learned. However, I feel like I haven’t even put a dent in the amount of things needed to know concerning my passion of blogging. I literally could spend 40 hours a week just learning all there is to know about blogging. I have invested in so many books about it it’s unreal. I have watched several videos. I’ve been in many hangouts. You name it, and I’ve been involved in it in some form or fashion.

I miss doing my regular standard blog posts that I use to do, but there just aren’t enough hours in a day for me to do it all. I literally have to wait until the kids are tucked into bed anymore to be able to REALLY dig into anything concerning actual posts. Otherwise, it comes out less than what I would like to put on here. Sorry…I’m not too thrilled with doing that anymore! Especially since I want to go into 2014 strong and STAY there.

On a personal note:

Del did get his recorder today to do his podcasting posts. I can’t wait to share his podcasts with you. If he comes through, I promise you’ll laugh your head off and see just why I love this man with my whole heart. So, I have to learn how to incorporate that into the blog. He’s a better chatter than a writer. I’m the polar opposite. (We’re one of those opposites attracts couples who has made it work!)


I’ve said this a thousand and one times, and I’ll say it again! You are much appreciated! I love reading your comments on here and my social media outlets. I love the personal emails I get. I love getting to know you. I treasure all of you. Don’t ever doubt that for a minute.

I’m not good at showing how much others matter to me because I was raised up with a very self-centered mother. However, I do honestly and truly care about you as a person. You are NOT a number to me. You are not just another follower, reader, or a person who comments. You are someone that I would love to get to know on a personal level. Even if my number of followers ever did reach in the big numbers, I still believe with all of my heart that I’d still find a way to interact on a personal level in some form or fashion.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for stopping by today and I pray you’ll continue to want to come back. I may write basic posts at times, but those are the posts that honestly and truly are me just having a cup of coffee with you and hoping you’ll chat back.

What would be a big help in your life today?




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2 comments on “Blog Dare…It Would Be A Big Help…For My Blogging Career”

  1. Aw! You are so sweet!!
    I wish I had more hours in the day, too. There are so many things to do especially this time of the year! If I can’t have more hours, maybe just a clone to do the stuff like driving carpool!
    Glad you are adjusting to having Del at home and having a great time reconnecting. That’s wonderful!! When my husband is at home it totally throws us off our game! It’s definitely an adjustment!! –Lisa

    • I definitely love having him home. However, things are totally utterly different when he’s here for sure. In time, it will all be second nature and we’ll have a system that works beautifully though for all involved. I’ll be rejoicing having him home even more.

      I don’t miss taking kids back and forth to school. Especially when that takes on average of 2 hours away from my day. My heart goes out to you with that one. Thank goodness for smart phones which allow you to get SOME type of work done while waiting in those long lines.

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