Bash and the Pirate Pig Book Review

I got the chance to review the book Bash and the Pirate Pigir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1433680696 from Flyby Promotions  in exchange for an honest book review.

I honestly and truly did not read this book myself, but instead I had Jimmy read it for review because it is made for kids ages 8-14. Considering how Jimmy’s reacted to reading it, I’m thinking that the author did an amazing job reaching the audience of kids who don’t even enjoy reading books to start with. It was so good that Jimmy couldn’t contain his excitement enough to tell me about the books best parts.

So Good My Son Couldn’t Write the Book Review

He wanted to tell me all about certain parts of the books and the events that Bash went through on the farm over the summer. I told him he was giving away too many details for the book review. Then he got stumped because he was literally wanting to give me a COMPLETE full summary of everything that happened in the book. So, as a parent, seeing him filled with glowing excitement over reading the book that’s enough to cause me to say this book is worth adding to your child’s reading logs.

Granted we homeschool and don’t technically have to have reading logs, but I do make sure my kids do read often too. When I’m able to give my kids the chance to read a book and do a review, I jump at it. Normally Jimmy is able to punch on out a great review, but this one time he wanted to go over board in due to his love of the book.

Homeschooling and Book Reviews

I love it when I can combine reading and language arts together in a fan manner for the kids. They get excited over being able to do reviews on books. They also enjoy reviewing other products too. I normally have them write up a review to go live. They take great pride in being a part of the blogging world.

Many people are starting to create blogs for theirs kids too. This helps kids learn so many wonderful lessons in a fun manner. That’s why I’m so glad that companies are sending things for my kids to share their thoughts and opinions on things.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to enhance our homeschooling life. I feel this is one thing we all enjoy.

What are some ways that you teach your kids in unique ways? 



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  1. This book looks great but sadly my kids are older now….I miss collecting all the good children’s books out there. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to stock up for the grandkids!

  2. It definitely isn’t to early to stock up on books for your grandkids. 🙂 I hope you entered the giveaway. My oldest son was reading it, and when I asked him about it he couldn’t shut up.

  3. Awww… I would have entered (and followed in multiple ways!) but I don’t tweet! Looks like a great book, my Grandkids would love it!!! :-((


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