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This is a sponsored post, but that in no way shaped my opinion this company. 

I am currently in the market for new glasses. Mine are all jacked up with scratches and they don’t fit like they use to anymore. I first have to get my prescription information to be able to take advantage buying glasses online through

Buying glasses for me is never fun for me because I don’t like the idea of picking out frames that I know I’ll be wearing for a LONG time to come. I’ve been wearing prescription glasses since I was a teenager because I can’t see at a distance. Each time I go to do it, I have to drag someone with me to help me pick out what would look good on me.

Despite bringing different people with me through the years, I still end up getting almost the same exact type of eyeglasses. I have started to think that may very well be because that’s what people associate me with wearing. I want to have fancy glasses that have cool designs on them.

Now with I am able to actually put a mirror  image of myself on their site and see what I would like with those glasses on from the comfort of my own home. I don’t have to worry about total strangers walking up and seeing me look like a dork with funky glasses on. Instead, I can find a pair of glasses that are unique and new for me. I can take my time without worrying about a line forming or chasing kids around a store at the same time because they got tired of giving me feedback on how glasses look on me.

There are many advantages to shopping online for glasses in my book. As a loyal reader to my site,  would like to give you the chance to take advantage of discount glasses  on their site  using the coupon code: Blog10 which is worth 10% off your order of presciption glasses. You too can take advantage of their Virtual Mirror Feature.
You can gain more information by visiting their website. They would love to have you connect with them Facebook and Twitter.

Have you ever bought glasses online before?


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by . That in no way shaped my opinion of their services and products available.



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  1. This is AWESOME!! I have ordered frames online before, but only after I tried them on at a shop then went home to find a better deal online. This with the picture thingy it totally makes it possible to see how they look on your face!! What a genius idea! I actually need to get new glasses for my teen. This is perfect since he hates shopping anyway! Woot! SO glad I found out about this! Thanks! –Lisa

  2. So glad I could help you on this mission. 😉 They have some pretty amazing specials going on right now too. Thank you for patiently waiting to do a comment too!!!!


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