Are You A Wonder Woman Wannabe?

I’ve been reading like a book reader ninja lately. So please bare with me as I get all of these wonderful book reviews caught up. A lot of these book reviews do go hand and hand with a topic weighing on my mind though. 
I was given Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe from the author in exchange for an honest blog review. 

Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabeir?t=tidbitofexp 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00FBO30P2 is a book that every mother can enjoy reading. I enjoyed it so much that I literally read over half the book in the very first sitting. Mind you, I’m a mother of three kids, but that does not by any means makes me the perfect mother. I desperately want to be the Wonder Woman running our household.

Yet, I’m still trying to keep from having those mother of all meltdowns in my daily walk with my kids. I have literally jumped leaps and bounds lately due to doing a lot of praying and reading some very valuable resources. Sometimes knowing you’re not alone in a situation makes a world of difference. Especially when you have people surrounding you telling you that you’re too strict with your kids.

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Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe is book filled with practical advice to help us be better mothers. Some of these tips are pretty common sense. However, as she clearly points out in the book, after we have kids our typical amount of sense seems to go out the window. Since we do become so absentminded more times than not we need to read books like her’s to help us get the extra kick in the butt to become at least a super mom.

When I got this book in the mail, Delbert stated he was going to like this book. I honestly and truly thought he was crazy because he knew it was a book for ME to read. Yet, in all out reality he is right to some extent because it is filled with many things that have helped ease some of the stress in my own life.

I have told you that I’ve been working on making changes in the way I handle things. From starting off my day right with my Mommy lessons to learning to not yell nearly as much. Plus working on my own marriage by gaining some inspiration from reading other blog series.

I have decided that God created me to be uniquely ME. He blessed me with my kids because he wanted ME to raise them. I will never earn any gold stars for being the best cook, housekeeper or overly crafty. I lack imagination except for writing stories that are in my head (and most of those are ones I’m actually afraid to share out loud because they run very close to Fifty Shades of Gray material (only involving my husband.))

I can say though, that I do try to be the best wife and mother I KNOW how to be. My mother was not raised by a good mother, and she wasn’t the world’s best mother either. However, she did the best she could to be better than her own mother was. After the things I learned AFTER she passed away, I feel she did a remarkable job. I do wish she would have told me about her childhood so I could have understood her better, but she didn’t.

My kids know I was raised up in a very strict home with very little toys. I got to watch TV two hours a week if that. I wasn’t given video games or any other luxuries (UNLESS it involved horses.) I always had at least two to three hours worth of chores to do before I could sit down to do my homework.

I think my kids have a better life than that. They also are free to be kids far more than I was growing up. Gosh knows they get plenty of time with me, and I treasure every moment with them.

I highly recommend this book for any mother or any mother wannabe. It paints a clear realistic view of what we should strive to do with our lives. She also makes me feel better as a mother too.

You can actually read a full interview with Jenny Lee Sulpizio on one of my other favorite blogs. She also has her own website. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

Are you a Wonder Woman Wannabe? 



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    • It is a great book. I feel like I’m in speed reading mode because I have a huge stack of books to review that I want to be on here by the end of the year. 🙂

  1. Hi Crystal,
    Common sense is all relative. I mean common sense to a mother in Canada isnt going to be exactly the same as a mother in Africa, Russia or China. And common sense to a fifty year old mom may be different than that of a twenty year old mom. Regardless, in the end, we all do the best we can. The more information we can gather the better we can make educated decisions when raising our children.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

    • That’s definitely a very interesting, but true point! Thank you for adding that bit of information to this post. I wasn’t thinking along those lines.

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