Summer Storms

We had a VERY hot day here. Just walking outside for just a few minutes was enough to make a person drenched in sweat before they walked back into the house. The humidity was so high one could actually see it in the sky all around them.

Of course, since the humidity was high, the nice summer storm rolled through this afternoon to the point of us having to turn everything off. I personally love it when that happens because it forces my kids and hubby to focus on each other and not some electronical gadget of some kind. (Yes, when it’s hot or raining we do play a lot of video games or watch movies.) It rained really hard for over an hour. It was so nice to watch the storm roll through. We have wind chimes and listening to them make their beautiful noise along with the thunder and lighting, it was beautiful nature made music. OF course, I had two chatter boxes that I kept having to remind to be quiet. However, once they were quiet and paid attention completely to the storm, it was so much fun watching their eyes and faces light up everytime a nice streak of lighting would hit the sky in front of us.

We’d compared the lighting strikes as they would hit compared to the timing of the thunder. It was so nice to play the guessing game of how far away the storm was. I remember being a kid and being able to tell you almost to the final minutes how quickly we were going to have rain. It feels good to be regaining that knowledge back with my kids.

Zeva seemed to enjoy her first storm with great delight. She was doing a lot of squealing of delight over it all. It was even more pronounced when the wind kicked up in speed and the chimes went off.

Do you stop and enjoy the storms?? Or do you complain that they are an inconvience to what your doing??




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