A New Found Love For Our Family…

I have read so many parents rant and rave about this product, but I have never dared to buy it or get it for our family because it’s something NEW. However, once I opened the package, it smelled wonderful!! I wouldn’t mind having a scented candle with that scent all throughout my house. Anyways, I fixed my four year old a sandwich with it since he can’t stand tacos with a passion. I didn’t tell him it was anything different from peanut butter, although the coloring was a bit different. He tried with gusto, and that sandwich was gone before I could blink my eyes several times. He rubbed his belly, and said, “ummm, ummm good.” He LOVED it. I took a little taste of it myself, and my eyes lit up and let me tell you, it tastes really good!!! My oldest son even enjoyed and was torn between eating tacos and begging for a sandwich of it.

I have seen many recipes on Pinterest that includes this product, and am eager to try them as well. It’s a bit more expensive than Peanut butter, but it’s worth every penny of it!! You don’t need jelly with it at all. 🙂 It definitely conquers a sweet tooth rather easily as well with a SMALL amount of it.

Does your family eat this product?? What’s your favorite way to use it??



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