Reel Love- Movie Review-

This is a very good movie!! I enjoyed watching it from beginning to end. It was a great movie to cuddle up with Delbert with for his birthday. I love heart wrenching movies that remind their viewers the importance of family. Plus it also brings to home the value of a small town and close knit everyone can be. It was filled with a good many laughs as well. 🙂

I don’t want to give away to much about the movie so I’m going to cheat this time and write what is on the back of the DVD case. “When Holly (LeAnn Rimes) hears her father Wade (Burt Reynolds) has fallen ill, she rushes back to her small Southern town. At home, all her dad wants to do is fish. Meanwhile, all Holly wants to do is return to the life she left behind in the city. Everything changes when she meets Jay (Shawn Roberts), the new guy in town, and starts to realize that the simple joys of country living may not be so bad after all.”

It’s worth watching. 🙂 I’ve watched a couple other movies as well. Will blog about them tomorrow, so I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for more recent movie reviews!!! 🙂



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