A British Education: Top TV from the UK that will Enlighten Young Minds

We all know the benefits of a walk in the park or playing a board game together. But it’s important to remember that a bit of quiet time in front of the TV can also be beneficial to kids and parents alike.

Finding something that will broaden horizons whilst keeping the kids entertained is the goal. It’s the key to a spot of wholesome and guilt-free screen time, and it would seem like no one gets this balance right quite like the Brits!

If you’ve ever watched UK TV with the children, you’ll notice it’s much less frenetic than many of our homegrown kids programs! Less flashing lights and shouting and more gentle stories that calm, educate, and entertain at the same time. What’s not to like?

Here, we take a look at some top British TV programs that will keep everyone engaged.

Where can I find the best kids’ TV from the UK?

While there are a few online options, the highest quality kids’ TV can be found on BBC iPlayer VPN, as this allows you to access a BBC iPlayer account from anywhere. You’ll then have access to all channels, including the brilliant CBeebies! You can also connect up to 7 devices at once and share your account securely with family and friends.

What are the best programs to watch with my kids?


Follow Captain Barnacles and his team of diverse creatures as they navigate the oceans in underwater vehicles, rescuing marine life and protecting the environment.

Each episode educates children about oceanography, focusing on different aquatic creatures and habitats. After a couple of episodes, your little one will be telling you all about biomes, cenotes, and what goes on in the midnight zone!

There are also plenty of life lessons like working as a team, celebrating diversity, and the importance of marine conservation.

Go Jetters

As reported by Naturpac, it’s never too early to start teaching kids about looking after the planet. Go Jetters is a wonderful and exciting way to get little ones to engage with the world around them.

Guided by a disco-dancing unicorn, four young explorers must travel the world to protect famous landmarks and geographical sites from the mischievous nemesis Grand Master Glitch!

The animated series is fast-paced and lively and a fun way to educate little ones about different cultures, global geography, and famous landmarks worldwide.

Maddie’s Do you Know

Join Maddie as she explores how things work and the science behind everything from skyscrapers to ice creams!

Do You Know will be of interest to kids of all ages and is often used in schools across the UK to support learning, so it’s a great option if you’re a homeschooled family.

The program takes an interactive approach, and Maddie is extremely engaging. Hence, the show is great for fostering curiosity in young minds when it comes to learning about science, technology, and the environment.

There are always days following activity-packed holidays or hectic school schedules when kids and parents benefit from wind-down time in front of the TV.

Picking the right programs can allow little ones to develop their knowledge and learn about the world around them. Especially if you watch with them, you might even learn something yourself!




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