9 Games You’ll Want To Play

You already know we’re huge a gaming family. We love playing many different kinds of games such as video games, board games, conversational games, and PC/Tablet games. We are always on the hunt for our next gaming adventure together or as individuals. I have eight games that will be sure to make your next gaming moment enjoyable. I’m sure you’ll find a game you’ll want to play with these nine (9) game suggestions.

PC/Tablet Games

When I get to play games personally, I’m a huge fan of playing PC or games on my iPad because I get to keep my brain active, but yet have some Mommy time too. Granny Lee got me hooked on Big Fish Games. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing many of their games throughout 2014. I got to finish out 2014 with these three awesome games. Big Fish Games can be purchased at really cheap prices and they provide days worth of entertaining enjoyment.

Dark Parables

Dark Parables has been out for a while. It’s a game that provides a variety of hidden-object scenes. Plus you also have bonus games too. When you purchase the Collector’s Edition,  you also get the bonuses of the secrets of Prasino’s mad king. The Collector’s Edition comes complete with the strategy guide and wallpapers and concept arts. You can  use these links to get this game on PC and Mac.

Mystery Case Files

Mystery Case Files are always great games to invest in. I personally get stuck with playing them a lot, and have to use the strategy guides all the time to get to the games. However, that  doesn’t slow me down from enjoying them. I usually have to end up recruiting the boys and Del into helping me from time to time, but mostly I still get to do the challenges on my own. Mystery Case Files is a game filled with a variety of different types of activities. They have hidden object scenes, strategy sessions, and puzzles. I haven’t purchased a Mystery Case Files game that hasn’t been a lot of fun. I’ll be honest and state that I prefer getting it for my PC versus the iPad version. You can use these links to get it on your PC, Mac, or iOS system.

Christmas Stories

This is a new game that Big Fish Games just put out on December 4th. This is a great game to play during the Christmas break. It’s highly addictive. Like the Mystery Case Files, it is also filled with many different kinds of activities from hidden object to strategy games. I loved the graphics and Christmas details this game is filled with. You can get this game by clicking these links to get it on your PC, Mac, or your iOS system.

Video Games

You already know that Del and the kids are enormous into video games. However, there are some video games that perfect for playing as a family together. This year we have the pleasure of reviewing a couple of them in exchange for a honest blog review.


MONOPOLY Family Fun Pack for the video game consoles is like bringing a favorite board game to the big screen. Through the video game version, you have the option of playing a 2D or 3D version of the competition. You can even decorate your board game to your liking too. You also have the possibility of changing various aspects of the game to make it more entertaining. You can get this game on PS4 and XBOX One.


As much as we enjoyed playing this video game version of our family favorite, it wasn’t the same as playing a board game version. I missed the feel of the dice in my hands and threw them on the board. There is something special about playing board games. It was nice though not having to worry about Zeva grabbing at everything and messing up our game status. It’s just going to take some adjusting to get use to playing on the screen versus a table.

The Voice

This game was a lot of fun to play. Zeva loves to sing and dance a lot. She honestly thought this game was for her primarily. The boys and I had a hard time getting our turns with playing this game. When we did though, we had a blast doing it. The music selection on this game was really nice too. You can see our YouTube video too. You can get this game for your Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, and PS3.

Just Dance 2015

We were excited to get this game to review because we totally enjoyed playing Just Dance 2014. This game was equally as enjoyable, but that honestly was due to the fact that we were able to download songs that we were really interested in having. It has the ability to make even the non-dancers in your family want to shake their booties. You can get this game for your PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U,  and the Nintendo Wii.

Board Game Suggestions

Board games have quickly become an important part of our lives. We try to play them as often as we can. I have been enjoying doing these board game reviews this year. These games are all well worth investing in getting.

High Tail It

High Tail It is an addicting strategy board game that will keep everyone on their toes. It’s very similar to the Battle Sheep game I reviewed, but it’s BETTER. It is a game that will create a hopping good time for everyone who plays it guaranteed. You’ll find this gem for $34.00 on SimplyFun.com.

My Mine

This is an another SimplyFun.com game goodie. My Mine is really a game of luck. You never know who is really going to win until the game is officially OVER. It’s fun to play with little kids too. You can get this game for $26.00.


This is a board game that will get your kids thinking. This game is good at enhancing reading abilities. It is one of those games that your kids will beg you to play with them over and over because they get to seek out the surprises. I don’t know about you but my kids LOVE surprises. This game is perfect for creating memory making moments. It’s a perfect addition to your homeschooling journey or to use as a reward for the kids behaving. It’s priced to sell for $18.95 on Amazon.

What game should I have added to this list of game you’ll want to play?




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  1. I’ve been thinking about finding a family we can all play. Have you ever tried to hook computer to the TV and playing? Not sure how it will work… if you have any tips, I would love to have them!

    • I hook my laptop to my TV almost every day for our kids homeschooling lessons. I use an HDMI cable hooked to my computer and my TV. Both the TV and the computer have to have the HDMI sections to hook up to, but it makes life a lot easier for me for doing lessons. Of course, if I get a SmartTV I won’t have to worry about doing that anymore because I can just use the Web browser on it.

    • I just got a new apple (first time!) and heard that if I have apple TV, I can wirelessly put what’s on my computer on the tv. Is that what you are talking about? If so… Hey – Santa’s coming!

    • I haven’t heard that one. I have the Apple TV gadget, but I haven’t played with it very much due to having limited Internet to work with each month. I was referring to having a Smart TV and not needing the HDMI cable anymore.

    • It is definitely one of those games that you don’t hear about much, but it should be more popular. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. These all look like great games. I did get the Just Dance 2015 for my grandson, but I love that UKloo. It seems to be just his type of game. He LOVES clues. Thanks for the list.


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