7 Ways to Look Stylish on a Budget

Being well-dressed is a matter of good taste and creativity, not a question of money. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you skimp on your apparel but only to understand that financial pressure is not an excuse. Now, although the Scottsdale Fashion Week is next May, here are a couple of things you should experiment with in preparation. Here are the top seven ways to look stylish even on a budget.

1. Start with grooming

Grooming is inexpensive and will affect your look more than clothes alone ever could. Careful makeup or proper beard care is not expensive. Sure, both beard oils and makeup can be quite expensive, but there are many high-quality low-end options where you get much more value for the money.

What this is, is a matter of patience and effort. It takes time to self-apply and groom yourself, however, this is what makes an effort even more worth it. It’s easy for one to notice that you’re spending time taking care of your body, skin, and hair. The same goes the other way around, so be extra careful.

2. Look for universal items

You would be surprised to learn just how many outfits can be complemented with a single white shirt. There are many outfit combinations that you don’t even realize you already have in your wardrobe. Keep this in mind when shopping, as well. For instance, by having just 12 pieces (3 tops, 3 layers, 3 bottoms, and three pairs of shoes), you can make as many as 81 different outfits.

Items like a black letter jacket, striped tee, white tee, medium wash jeans, black flats, and white casual sneakers are something you probably already own. If there are any items missing from this list, get them as soon as possible and make your wardrobe future-proof.

3. Invest in a wristwatch

A wristwatch is an accessory that’s all about convenience and efficiency. First, it’s a practical item that tells you the time. It also portrays you as a professional, organized person. Most importantly, it is an item whose material (be it leather or metal) draws a huge amount of attention, seeing as how it’s so different in nature from your textile-based apparel.

A high-end wristwatch could easily trick the observer that your outfit, as a whole, is far more luxurious than it is. The problem lies in the fact that they’re usually quite expensive. However, this is only so if you don’t stop thinking outside the box. For instance, it’s relatively easy to find a used Rolex for sale in Phoenix. You can spend as little as $3,500 for a wristwatch that would otherwise cost thousands.

4. Accept hand-me-downs, in general

We’ve already talked about investing in a quality used wristwatch, however, this is the approach you should take with all the other clothing items, as well. Thrift shops, second-hand stores, and swapping clothes with your friends need to be normalized (or even lending from them). How many times are you going to wear that dress? How many occasions will you have to wear that suit on?

The thing is that some people generally dislike the idea of wearing someone else’s clothes, however, there’s more to the clothing industry than just the feeling of comfort and luxury. This is a way for you to make a statement regarding the industrial side of clothes production and revamping old styles.

5. Know your measurements

The majority of clothing items are made to fit; now, the reasons why a lot of people have trouble with them is because:

  1. They don’t know their measurements
  2. They’re unrealistic about their measurements

If you normally wear 9 (for instance), this is what will fit you the best. Wearing 13 will seem too baggy while wearing five will be so tight.

You also must remember that different manufacturers may have different molds and measurements. This is why your size should be something used for general orientation but not something that you can always just slide in. Always try items before you buy them (unless you’re buying online, of course).

6. You need to care for your clothes

To stay stylish, your clothes must be tended to, washed properly, air dried, ironed with care, etc. One of the tricks people use to enhance the fragrance of their apparel is to place an unpacked soap in the drawer/wardrobe with their clothes. This way, they’ll smell even better.

Remember that most clothes come with the instructions (on their care labels); however, picking some extra tips along the way can make a difference. In the off-season, you may want to vacuum-store them. In a couple of months, you can unseal them and use them again. Keep in mind that new clothes look more stylish and, this way, you will keep them new-looking for longer.

7. It’s how you wear it

Self-confidence has a beaming quality of its own. It’s not just about what you wear; it’s how you wear it that counts. This is why it’s so important that you’re content with the outfit of your own choosing. If you like it and wear it in a way that shows that you like it, others will also notice this.

Just remember that this is not necessarily tied to apparel itself. How you see yourself makes a huge difference, another stylish consideration worth making. Also, it’s something that money can’t buy.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there’s so much you can do with minimum or no investment. In other words, with the right mindset and game plan, money should never be an obstacle for someone who wants to be well-dressed. What you should focus on, instead, is envisioning your outfit and then employing your creativity to help you find what you need. People only see the end result and never know how you get there.



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