7 Clothing Items Every Woman Should Own

When building a wardrobe, it is handy to know what staples you should own. Whether you are decluttering your closet for a season or you’re trying out a new style, here are seven clothing items every woman should own.

1. Boots

Boots are a sturdy essential for every wardrobe. They give your feet excellent protection and provide relief from the cold in the winter months. Boots come in a wide range of variety, so you are sure to find a pair no matter what your style is. If you invest in a solid, high-quality pair, then they are more likely to last for many years.

A black or dark brown pair of boots is a great choice for those who want to style them with multiple outfits, as they will go with almost anything. Use an Old Navy coupon to find the best pair of boots for any occasion.

2. A Winter Coat

Every woman needs a warm winter coat for when the breeze turns chilly. If you live in an area with heavy rain, it’s also a wise idea to get a waterproof one. Make sure it’s thick, comfortable, and durable enough to last through any weather.

3. A Formal Dress

There comes a time in most people’s lives where they need to dress in formal wear, so make sure you’re prepared by having a fancy dress at hand. Whether your mother-in-law is getting married or you must attend a black and tie event, you should have a well-fitted dress that compliments your features and gains positive attention from those around you.

4. Comfortable Jeans

Most women have some jeans in their closet, but how comfy are they? Running to the shop or picking your kids up from school doesn’t have to mean putting on skin-tight jeans for appearance or yoga pants for comfort – a comfortable pair of jeans is the perfect middle ground. Choose loose-fitting mid-rise jeans for optimal comfort, and make sure you get them in the correct size.

5. A Classic Pair of Heels

You don’t need to wear heels every day to justify having a classic pair in your wardrobe. Go for a black or a nude court heel to pair with simple trousers or a dress. If you wear heels often, then a classic pair is perfect for falling back on when you cannot decide which shoe to wear.

6. A Light Jacket

A light jacket is necessary for those autumn/spring days that aren’t quite cold but aren’t quite hot, either. A simple color that reflects your style would work well here. A light jacket is wonderfully versatile, as you can throw on a scarf to make it winter wear or pair it with a simple t-shirt in the summer months – it’s great for any time of the year!

7. Easy Slip-On Flats

While you want your wardrobe to show off your style, comfort is also important. Make sure you own a pair of simple flats for those times when you find can’t find the energy. A slip-on pair is even better, as you won’t even have to think about putting them on as you’re rushing out of the door!



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