7 Thoughtful Gestures That Show You Care

Relationships, whether platonic or romantic, have their ups and downs. Some connections may stand the test of time, while others fizzle within a few months. 

The key to nurturing these bonds is to be there for each other and show how much you care, no matter what happens. From grand gestures to small acts of kindness, there are tons of ways you can express how you feel about a person. Here are a few thoughtful deeds that speak a thousand words:    

  1. Be Generous With Compliments

Appreciation goes a long way in relationships. In romantic and friendly settings, extending compliments instantly uplifts the recipient’s mood and urges them to do a better job. So, don’t hold back if you notice something positive about your friend, colleague, or family member. It’ll do your relationships good.    

However, be careful in processing these kind words and consider the context. In some cases, it can be a form of manipulation, especially if coming from a person who may have ulterior motives.

  1. Send Flowers 

Gifting someone with fragrant and vibrant flowers is another was to show appreciation. Why else would we give our mothers, wives, partners, and colleagues a bouquet during special occasions? 

Studies show that receiving flowers perks up a person immediately and activates good memories in a person’s brain. In fact, you don’t have to receive flowers to feel good; planting and admiring potted plants either up close or from a distance can evoke the same positive feelings.    

While flowers can be used to commemorate cheerful encounters, they can used for difficult experiences as well. Remembrance Flowers can be handed to a friend who recently lost someone. 

  1. Listen Without Judging

Dr. John Gray’s renowned book, Men Are from Mars and Women are From Venus, illustrates how the two sexes can indeed be polar opposites—leading to persistent miscommunication. 

Women, by nature, love to talk, and they instantly feel better once they’re able to pour out their deepest thoughts and feelings. Men, on the other hand, tend to have the ‘Mr. Fix-it’ approach, sometimes offering solutions to the ‘problem’ at hand, which could lead women to feel as though their feelings aren’t validated, and they’re not being heard. 

Learning to listen without judgment is one of the best ways to show a person that you care. The thought of you setting aside time to hear your loved one or family member rant about things that don’t matter to you is relationship gold.      

  1. Focus On The Little Things    

Sometimes, you don’t have to resort to grand gestures or spend a fortune on gifts to show how much you care. Often, it’s the small things that’re done consistently that matter. For instance, you can open the door or run errands for a person who’s got too much on his or her plate. Simple things such as paying your mom’s bills, ironing your father’s trousers, assembling breakfast in bed for your sick sister, could pick them up and create lasting impressions. 

To keep the romance going, write notes on paper and slip it into your lover’s book, planner, or pocket.    

  1. Hug

Scientists claim that a hug that lasts a few minutes can carry with it a slew of positive benefits for a person’s physical and mental well-being. It instantly relieves stress, can provide comfort, and ease pain, suffering, and fear. 

Hugging is an underrated intimate action to show that we care and we’re ready to listen and console the person who may not be in a good emotional state. 

Locking shoulders with someone can be also be done in happier settings, usually to convey delight after not seeing the person for a long time.     

  1. Give Your Undivided Attention

Setting aside your busy schedule to be with the person who matters to you says a lot about how you feel about them. Quality time is extremely important in a relationship. Giving the person your undivided attention is mutually beneficial. It’s an opportunity to bond, reconnect, and re-ignite the ‘flame’ for those in romantic relationships. 

When out on a trip with family and friends, make sure your focus is on them. Minimize distractions so you don’t ruin your happy time.  

  1. Make Concessions  

Making sacrifices like stepping outside your comfort zone is one of the ultimate ways to show you care. If your partner or friend wants you to accompany him or her to a horror house and you’re terrified of clowns, but do it anyway, that says a lot.  

Stepping out of our comfort zone and putting on a brave face for a person you care for is not easy. If you can do it for a person who matters to you, then you may even be in love. 

Key Takeaway 

There are many ways you can show a person that you care. In familial, romantic and friendly relationships, it’s essential to express small acts of kindness and sacrifices to show how important they are to you.




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