7 Home Features a New Home Should Have When Raising Kids

Buying or building a home is one of the most exciting and daunting things you can do in life. It becomes even more complicated if you are doing it for the first time. You will realize that you have so much to take into consideration and many more that you’ve often overlooked. Things do not get more comfortable if you have kids’ interests to consider. 

If you are planning to buy or build a home where your family can live happily and grow, here are some features you’d want to consider.

The size

Size is an essential aspect to consider when planning for a new home with kids in mind. Well, the size of the family will dictate the size of the house you go for. For instance, a family of four requires more space compared to a family of two. You will need a spacious home that accommodates your kids well and allow them the room to move about freely. Think of the kitchen, dining room, and living room. If the space is large enough, your kids will have a great time indoors compared to when they are confined in a small room. 

You may also want to consider an extra room. Children like playing around with their toys, running, and turning. Additional space will come in handy for such activities. You can also turn the room into an adult sanctuary away from all activities in the house. 

Price matters

If you are planning to build, think about the cost, and if you are thinking about buying, the price should be a factor to consider. Alternatively, weigh buying against building to find out the best option for you and your family moving forward. Your budget for a new home should ensure that you have enough for the family after getting the house. You can use a mortgage calculator Singapore to determine your mortgage rate and know where your budget should run.

Location, Location, Location

The location and neighborhood are an essential part of keeping your family healthy and happy. You always have limited control over what happens around you, making it crucial to choose a friendlier place for kids.

It is vital to know that your kids will grow up in the neighborhood you choose, impacting their personality and lifestyle. Here are some aspects of the location that you should consider:

  • Accessibility to public transport
  • Recreational facilities
  • Distance to school
  • Crime rate
  • Number of retail stores or shopping centers

Kitchen layout

The kitchen is often considered the heart of your home. This is where you make great food for the family. A kitchen is also a center of many activities and entertainment. The size and layout of your kitchen should accommodate everyone, including guests. You can consider a sizeable epicurean kitchen with storage, counter, sink spaces, or a typical kitchen.

Every family has its cooking routine. There are families that do not cook a lot, while the vegetarian family prepares meals every day with fresh ingredients. This can also impact the kitchen layout and its size. Find out what your family likes and see the kind of kitchen that will suffice.

Laundry essentials

Kids go through many clothes in a day, meaning you will have piles of laundry to do. A new home will not help with the laundry, but you may find it easier dealing with piles of dirty clothes if you have two laundry rooms. Consider having laundry rooms near your kids’ rooms.

If you have many children, expect to deal with many clothes. This makes the functionality and configuration of your laundry rooms more critical. Consider having a separate area for ironing and storing clothes in the laundry room.

Backyard configuration

Children grow simultaneously with their needs, including outdoor activities. When buying a new home, factor in where your kids will play. Consider large spaces that will accommodate their toys and outdoor activities like swings, trampolines, and cubby houses. 

Consider using sightlines as an alternative way of making your backyard visible from living zones. 

Think of ways you can maximize the outdoor space to give your kids some playground in the backyard. Also, be creative with your outdoor space to ensure you also accommodate your kids in the plan. For instance, if you want to install garden paths, make them wide enough that your kids can ride a bike along. 

You can also preserve an area for an edible garden that your kids can use to grow and harvest their veggies and fruits or leave space for a future cubby when kids come of age. No matter your house plan and lifestyle, you can always create something for the kids’ recreational side. Prioritize your kids all the time you think about your outdoor space. 

Number of bedrooms 

Every family has an idea of how many bedrooms they require to accommodate everyone plus the guests. Most people prefer at least two bedrooms, but with children, the number goes up. Some families let kids share a bedroom while others have separate rooms for every kid. This will depend on your style and preference. However, it would help if you have a spare bedroom that can serve your visitors. 

An extra bedroom can also double as a home office, study room, den, kids’ playroom, or exercise room. Also, you can make it a storage room for your supplies. No matter what you choose to do, an extra bedroom will always serve a purpose. So, always ensure that you have enough bedrooms for the kids and an extra one for uncertainties. 

Bottom Line 

When building or buying a house, everyone has something they prioritize. The process is often complicated and takes time. It is even worse if you have kids in mind. However, writing your priorities is a helpful way that guides you through all aspects and features that are essential for the family, especially kids. Ensure you understand what you need and share with your realtor your priority list. Understanding these features will help you eliminate all houses that do not meet your requirements and avoid some property red flags that can affect your choice of a family home.



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