How To Get Pregnant The First Time: Postures And Tips

Many couples who start looking for a baby get it right away, even some women have got it on the first try, but the truth is that it is more complicated than it seems, and it can become an obsession. If we talk about fertility, many factors influence lifestyle habits, diet, stress, etc. We cannot change some circumstances, but we can change others, so we offer you some tips below to not get obsessed and to increase the chances of pregnancy as soon as possible.

Ovulation calculator

Ovulation tests will help you get pregnant faster, as they tell you the fertile days of each month. There are usually around six days per month when ovulation occurs and this may depend on each woman. Some women ovulate earlier than others and therefore it’s good to learn to get to know your own body. They are accurate, easy to use, and confirm if your ovulation cycle is regular, and a visit to a specialist is necessary. 

Postures to get pregnant

In addition to when to do it, how is also very important if you have a hard time staying healthy. As a matter of gravity, those postures in which the woman is upright are not very favorable for conceiving. However, those in which the sperm penetrate as close to the cervix as possible are optimal. In this way, the best postures to get pregnant are the missionary posture, the classic posture of the man on top and the woman underneath, and the man behind the woman in prayer or lying on his side. This position favors a deeper penetration and, therefore, more effective so that the sperm reaches its objective without problems.

Diet and lifestyle.

Maintain a healthy diet as possible; eat foods rich in protein and carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. You can also take a supplement, such as royal jelly that helps promote fertility, evening primrose oil, or calendula tea. And of course, abandon bad habits such as tobacco and alcohol, in the face of pregnancy that kind of vices is inadvisable.

Exercising regularly and taking a folic acid supplement in women’s cases are also beneficial habits to conceive faster. However, certain foods also provide benefits to facilitate pregnancy, such as sunflower seeds, legumes, green leafy vegetables, olive oil, or fish.

Controlling your mind and thoughts is also one of the most recommended and necessary tricks to get pregnant. You must learn to relax, do not become obsessed with pregnancy because that same anxiety and nervousness can delay that moment. Be patient and put aside the stress that will make the situation worse, so if it helps you, you can practice meditation, yoga, Pilates, or any method that will make you calm and relaxed.

It is known that some couples have difficulty conceiving, no matter what methods they try. In this case, it is good to look at IVF treatments. IVF clinic, Advanced Fertility can assist in these areas, and therefore, looking into professional help can take the burden off. 




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