6 Things No New Parent Should Be Without

Are you expecting your first child? Congratulations, you’re in for the most exciting ride of your life!

As you prepare to become a new parent, it’s understandable to feel stressed. You have a lot to get ready for! However, you can alleviate some of it by making preparations for your new baby early.

There is a lot of stuff you’ll need. Besides the obvious crib or changing table, it all gets hard to remember. So, read on to find out what must-have baby items you shouldn’t be without!

1. A Wearable Carrier

When your baby is born, you won’t want to go anywhere without them by your side. That’s why a wearable carrier or sling is among the top newborn must-haves. It allows you to keep your little one close while giving you the freedom to use both your arms.

With baby safely wrapped in the carrier, you can walk the dog, fold laundry, and so on!

2. Burp Cloths

Newborns and infants are notoriously messy. Make cleanup easier on yourself by investing in a set of burp cloths!

The most common use is for spit-up or burping your baby after their meal to prevent messes on your clothes. They’re also perfect for wiping tiny hands and faces.

3. Car Seat Cover

You must keep your new baby warm! Instead of dealing with bulky jackets when you go out, invest in a toasty car seat cover. It fits over their car seat and works as an insulator.

Having one is convenient because you can keep your baby in lighter layers that are more comfortable. If the car seat goes indoors with you, remove or unzip the cover to prevent them from getting too hot.

4. A Sound Machine

Don’t be surprised if your little one struggles to fall and stay asleep. Every new parent experiences this at least once! That’s when a white noise or sound machine comes in handy.

These machines produce soothing sounds to help your baby go to sleep with ease. Once that happens, you’ll get to catch up on some sleep, too!

5. Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is essential for any new baby checklist! It allows you to keep all your changing items, like extra diapers and wipes, together on the go. You can store extra clothing or snacks in them, too.

There are even a variety of styles and colors, from a pink diaper bag backpack to chic grey totes. It’s easy to find one that you’ll love!

6. Swing or Bouncer

As much as you’ll want to, you can’t hold your newborn at all times. So, they’ll need a place to rest or lounge. A swing or bouncer, both must-have baby items, work perfectly!

They make a comfy spot for little ones to relax nearby while your hands or arms are busy. There are also ones with a motion to help infants calm down or nap.

Be Prepared as a New Parent

Stop stressing over the question, “What do you need for your baby?” By following this guide, you’ll be more than ready for your new baby to arrive! Start shopping now, so you can enjoy the journey you’re about to begin.

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