Gifting Tips: Why Akoya Pearls Are The New Black

Are you on the lookout for a gift for your special someone? Gents, we have all been there. Going through endless catalogs, browsing through shelves and stores, just to find the perfect pick to put a smile on our partner’s face. Well, after years of searching and well researching, we have come to the conclusion that a gift for your lady, especially on big occasions, should hold meaning and value. A beautiful keepsake that will stay with her for years to come.

If you are thinking along the lines of jewelry, beautiful Akoya pearls should be your pick. Cultured from the Pinctada fucata oyster in Japan, Akoya pearls are immensely popular right now in the fashion world. Some might even call these pristine pearls the new diamonds.

Wondering why Akoya pearls make the perfect gift for your partner? Here are our top reasons.

They are rare and highly valuable

Akoya pearls are genuinely the best choice when it comes to gifting because they hold a unique, rare quality about them that adds to their value. Akoyas were one of the first pearls to be cultured in the cold saltwater of the Pacific Ocean.

Owing to the colder temperatures, it takes a longer time for the nacre to fully develop, meaning that it typically takes longer for the pearls to get harvested, making them a rarer find. In the world of pearls, Akoyas are number three when it comes to being rare and valuable. Compared to the more commonly found freshwater pearls, Akoyas are more high-end and definitely something that will add value to your partner’s jewelry collection.

They are extremely lustrous

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Due to the way it is cultivated, the Akoya pearl is known to be one of the most lustrous pearls out there. In fact, the higher the luster, the more valuable and highly-priced the Akoya pearl will be, which makes this feature truly its best quality. The luster and shine even allow one to see their own reflection on the more high-end Akoya pearls.

Imagine your partner adorning a beautiful Akoya pearl strand and watch how the shine will illuminate her face with glow and radiance. A wonderful sight indeed and one of the many reasons why they make a valuable gift.

They are more than just white in color

When you think of pearls, white comes to mind in terms of color, but that is not the case when it comes to Akoyas. Typically, they range between three tones, silver, cream, and rose, but they are also available in different colors such as pinks and blue.

Blue Akoyas are actually more rare and expensive, making them a unique present that will surely make heads turn. You can even find Akoya pearls that have been color-treated to create shades like black. This makes them highly versatile when it comes to styling and appeals to those who like to keep it subtle while playing around with a dose of color.

They come in the perfect shape and size

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When it comes to size, Akoyas are actually the smallest pearls that are cultivated and can grow to around 9 to 9.5 mm at max. This makes them the most preferred size range for all kinds of jewelry as they appear chic and minimalistic for just about any occasion.

When it comes to the shape, the Akoya pearls are actually the most perfectly round pearls to exist, which is a quality many look out for. Pearls that are properly round are actually rare and on the pricier side, which adds to the Akoya pearls value. Other than the perfectly round kind, Akoyas actually do exist in different irregular shapes, such as the baroque. This makes them an ideal choice for unique jewelry pieces that need round and irregular-shaped pearls for the perfect look.

Parting thoughts

Akoya pearls are the perfect choice for a gift to make your partner’s days brighter and lustrous. They not only hold immense value in the world of pearls but are, in fact, versatile when it comes to shape and size and can be adorned in multiple ways. If you are looking to make her happy, Akoya pearls will surely do the trick.



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