6 Bad Habits That Are Jeopardizing Your Fertility

While many women wish to become mothers, getting pregnant isn’t always easy. There are many reasons why some women struggle to have a baby. Luckily, in some instances, making a few lifestyle changes is all it takes to finally conceive. Breaking these bad habits may help increase your fertility.

1. Binge Eating Junk Food

Having the occasional sugary sweet or fat-laden treat is alright, but eating too much junk food may reduce your fertility. Watching what you eat is a proven pcod solution. Many women, especially those with hormonal imbalances, struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Junk food, while tasty, can also cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Instead of eating unhealthy food, try a balanced diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

2. Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Did you know there may be a link between caffeine consumption and infertility? Most people watch their caffeine intake during pregnancy, but you should also consider cutting back if you want to get pregnant. Doctors often suggest women drink 300mg or less of caffeine per day when trying to conceive. However, these findings don’t mean you have to cut out caffeine completely. Try to limit your coffee habit to only one or two cups per day.

3. Not Sleeping Enough

The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. However, many people get much less than the recommended amount. Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep may negatively affect your fertility. Lack of sleep can lead to irregular periods, and it may increase the risk of miscarriage. Instead of staying up late to catch your favorite television show, consider recording it to watch another day. Reducing stress and meditating may also help you sleep better at night.

4. Forgetting to Exercise

Exercise benefits nearly every system of your body. It increases blood flow and improves heart function. Sticking with a regular exercise regimen can also boost your fertility. However, it’s also possible to get too much of a good thing. Excessively exercising may increase the risk of irregular ovulation. You only need to work out for about an hour each day. Try incorporating low-impact aerobics, yoga, swimming, and walking, to keep your rate of conceiving in check.

5. Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking is an unhealthy habit, and it can also greatly reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Cigarettes contain a variety of dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are known to cause cancer, but they may also damage a woman’s reproductive system. Women who smoke are less likely to conceive naturally, and those who do may be at a higher risk for ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

6. Engaging in Risky Behaviors

STDs are a leading reason for infertility, and these diseases are also highly preventable. Untreated chlamydia and gonorrhea infections, for instance, may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. This condition can cause scarring of the Fallopian tubes and reduce the odds of getting pregnant. It’s even possible to pass some STDs, such as herpes, to an unborn child. Being safe in the bedroom is a must, especially if you want to start a family later in life. Always ask a doctor for an STD screening before trying to conceive.

Have an Open Conversation About Fertility

Many couples are embarrassed about their fertility issues, but these problems are more common than you may think. While making these simple lifestyle changes may increase your chances of getting pregnant, it’s always best to have an open conversation with your doctor. In some instances, infertility is the symptom of a bigger problem, and the sooner you treat the cause, the more likely you’ll be able to get pregnant.




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