A Mix of Support and Independence: Elevations RTC

Teenagers heading to Elevations RTC for the first time are facing a lot of unknowns. The residential treatment center is a perfect solution for teenagers looking to tackle all their issues head-on, even if it initially takes them out of their comfort zone. For many, going to a campus and living there full-time for months is something they have never experienced before in their lives.

It is natural for teenagers to feel a bit hesitant at first, but experiencing some level of independence while also receiving support from the staff and peers creates a perfect formula for getting life back on track.

A new level of independence

The majority of teenagers get their first taste of independence when they graduate high school and head to college. They move into a dorm, often experience a different part of the country, and interact with people from different backgrounds. Fast-forwarding to that setting a little earlier might make some families hesitate, but the mix of proper support and independence makes the Elevations experience much different.

Students get a sense of being on their own in some ways, which forces them to make critical decisions under a trained staff’s guidance. Other than a different setting, teenagers do not get thrown off the schedule. The day-to-day routine in the classroom at Elevations mimics school back home. This happens by design to allow for smoother transitions upon graduation from Elevations.

Teenagers decide what hobbies and passions they want to pursue outside of the classroom. For the first time in one’s life, they do not feel forced to follow a particular path. By exploring different extracurricular activities, students can enjoy being themselves instead of only trying to fit in.

Support from peers

It might not be apparent at first, but every teenager enrolled at Elevation RTC will be receiving support from their peers in some capacity. Every student has their reasons for being there and connecting with others who have their issues can remove the stigma that weighs some teens down. At home, they might feel isolated as the only person dealing with particular problems. When enrolled at Elevations RTC, it is one less excuse a teenager can use that could be holding them back.

The unique campus setting of Elevations RTC encourages students to interact with each other and create strong enough bonds to last past their time on campus. Not only do students spend time in the classroom together, but they eat, do extracurricular activities, and hang out together as well. Leaving campus with a new best friend or two happens more often than not for students after spending so much time away from home.

Creating a small community inside the campus at Elevations RTC directly translates to the outside world. Getting the opportunity to play a major role in how things operate is something new and exciting. It helps teach responsibility without feeling like a forced school subject.

Support from the staff

It is easy for teenagers to relish independence at times, but they also have plenty of support from the entire staff. Whether it is receiving help in the classroom, mental health issues, or medical problems, families do not have to worry about the care and support provided by Elevations.

The goal is to go above and beyond academic expectations from the very beginning. There are too many residential treatment centers that focus more on getting past problems, and not that much on the academic side of things. What ends up happening is children fall behind in the classroom, and they face a ton of pressure when they return to their home school. A vicious cycle easily picks back up when that is the case.

Emotional and mental issues can pop up at any time, and it takes a trained medical and clinical staff to identify problems and be there in a time of need. If a teenager needs support, they will get it. With many medical and clinical professionals on call, a problem does not have to last for long.

Finally, any serious medical issues can be addressed quickly while away from home. It is challenging for any family to find that their child needs medical attention, but Elevations’ setup is capable of handling any and everything. It is that type of support all around that can make parents much more at ease when ultimately sending their child away.

Watching teenagers become adults

The 13 to 18-year-old age range is extremely challenging, especially if obstacles are already in the way. Elevations RTC is a growing experience for those still more than young enough to turn their lives around. When a residential treatment center seems like the only choice, teenagers can make extreme strides when fully immersed in a healthy environment.

Elevations RTC is always crafting new strategies for every student to be on the correct path to success. What works for one child might not work for the next, and that adaptability makes what they offer different from the rest. Families continue to count on Elevations to be one of the very best in the industry, regardless of a family’s home state.

Conveniently located outside of Salt Lake City, the campus is the perfect setting for the right amount of support and independence. Every resource a student could ask for is on site. That formula works for many teenagers who need a different approach to start heading in the right direction.




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