Technical Boring? What To Do When Dad Needs A Career Change

The happiest time is a dad’s life is when he gets to spend it with his kids. However, that doesn’t mean that happiness or at least contentment cannot be achieved during the workday either. In fact, too many of us put up with a job that we know just isn’t right, because it’s the responsible thing to do for our family, but we don’t have too. Instead, why not make a career change? To help you, you will find some information on how to do this.

Research options and look at what you love

With 80% of us ending up in the wrong job, you are not alone if you groan at the thought of another day in the office, factory, or plant. Even fairly technical jobs can become mundane over time, leading people to retrain or advance to a higher level to keep their interest. So, to get the ball rolling, the first step is to look at what else you might like to do with your time.

It may be something like carpentry, construction, engineering, electronics, drawing, and design work. However, the area of work is not enough on its own to make a career decision. Instead, you have to consider two factors.

The first is what you will enjoy, and the second is what will help you earn a steady wage once you are fully qualified, or set up if you plan on going into business alone. It’s a combination of these two factors that are going to be the most practical choice for you, especially if you have a family to support. So try not to get too carried away with crazy fun ideas that sound good, but just aren’t realistic.


Look at retraining

Once you have come up with some ideas on the type of things you would like to do, then it’s time to look at retraining or advancing you retreating in these areas will cost you in time and money.

Luckily, many career-related courses like this MBA courses for engineers are now available online, meaning that you can squeeze them in around your present family and work commitments. This is great for dads because they can get moving on their new career while still supporting the family and ensuring that they get to spend time with the kids, no matter how many assignments they have on at once.


Try before you buy

Lastly, it’s also a good idea to get some experience of working in the field that you are looking at changing to before you make a move. This will give you a genuine idea of what it is like, and help you to know whether it will suit you in the long term. After all, you don’t want to invest all that time and money in something that you will just want to change again after a few years?

To do this, take a few weeks vacation from work and go volunteer somewhere in the field you are looking to get into. Then you will experience the type of people that you will likely be working with, the conditions and schedule of a typical the day, and get to talk to people that have been on the job for a long time. Something that can be truly enlightening and help you make a better-informed career change decision.




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