5 Hilarious Ways to Explain Jesus’ Return to Your Kids

Explaining the return of Jesus may be a difficult conversation for many parents and caretakers who want to involve their children in the teachings of the Bible. We’re here to help make the conversation easier by providing 5 hilarious ways to explain Jesus’ return to your children. Learning about Jesus and his return is important for young children, and there is no need for it to be a tedious task. These 5 tips will help keep things fun as you teach them about this important event.

We’ve included things like analogies, comparisons, and metaphors, but most importantly, we included plenty of laughter! Letting your child laugh while learning about Jesus is an excellent way to reinforce his or her understanding. It also helps deepen the child’s connection with religious concepts in a positive way and allows them to experience joy from within their own comprehension. So without further ado, let’s get started on these 5 fun ways to explain Jesus’ return to your kids!

Explain Jesus’ Return as a Surprise Party

Explaining Jesus’ return to young kids can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. One fun way to get your kids to understand the concept is to explain Jesus’ return as a surprise party. Imagine if the return of Jesus was the biggest surprise ever! You can have your kids imagine what it would be like to have an unexpected guest come for a party and then help them to relate this to Jesus’ return. This can be a great way to get them excited about Jesus’ return while understanding it better.

jesus at a party

Set the Scene

Explaining Jesus’ return to your kids doesn’t have to be a somber, serious affair. One way you can describe it is like having a surprise party.

Imagine: You invite all of your family and friends to come over on a certain day, but you make sure they don’t know when that day will be. You plan the decorations, choose the food and drinks, and pick out an amazing surprise for your guests. Then, when everyone least expects it, the day arrives!

When Jesus returns, it’s similar in some ways. God set up a plan for how He would bring salvation through His son Jesus – and He made sure it was such a secret that no one knows when Jesus will return! Just as you prepared decorations and food in advance of your guest’s arrival, God has made plans so perfect that everything will be ready when we least expect Jesus’ return – just like your surprise party!

Prepare the Surprise

To prepare for Jesus’ return like a surprise party, it is important to stay alert and on your toes. As believers, we should be living lives of integrity that bring honor and glory to God so that when Jesus does eventually come again, we’ll be able to enter into His presence without shame or guilt. We should also strive to be an example of what it means to love others in order to reflect Jesus’ message of love and acceptance.

Additionally, it is important to have conversations with unbelievers about the hope they can have in Christ because He is coming soon.

Moreover, believers should:

  • Read scripture often in order to gain perspective on the world around them and understand what Jesus taught and accomplished while He was on earth.
  • Live out our faith boldly with prayers of repentance so we will not be ashamed when Christ returns as our King.
  • Spend time listening for the Holy Spirit’s prompting because He knows that Jesus’ return will come at times when we least expect it.

Therefore, if we take the time now to actively prepare for his return like a surprise party, then when He does arrive suddenly, we will all be ready!

Reveal the Surprise

Jesus’ return can be compared to a surprise party. Explain that when God decided it was time for him to come, He wouldn’t announce it right away because the angels and Christian believers should be ready and watching, which means they need to stay alert. You can tell your children stories of how surprise parties often start out with a quiet introduction and then suddenly become loud with excitement. God’s surprise works in the same way—it’s something that isn’t always noticed until it’s at a point where people just can’t contain their joy and happiness anymore.

The good surprises in life, like Jesus’ return, are something we can steel ourselves for by living our lives in devotion and readiness for Him. We can choose to align our actions with His teachings in an effort to live according to His will so that when the time does come for Him to come back again, we’re not caught off guard or taken by surprise—we’re ready!

Explain Jesus’ Return as a Vacation

You can explain Jesus’ return to your kids in many different ways, and one of the most fun and imaginative ways to do it is to explain it as a vacation. By using this metaphor, you can ease your kids into a hard topic in a light-hearted and entertaining way.

Let’s look at how you can use this approach to explain the return of Jesus to your children.

Discuss the Destination

The destination of Jesus’ return has several implications associated with it. In the New Testament, Jesus promises that he will return to earth (Acts 1:11) and that his followers will meet him in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:17). There are a few theories as to where this may take place, such as the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem or Megiddo in present-day Israel.

The Bible also declares that when Jesus returns, the saved Christians who are living on earth at that time will be taken up into Heaven with Him (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). Specifically, believers who have died prior to His return will be resurrected first, while those who are alive will be caught up with them. This is why some people refer to this event as ‘the Rapture.’

Wherever Jesus returns from Heaven and wherever He goes back to after His return is a matter of speculation and debate for now, however, many believe that since He is returning in glory and power to judge the living and the dead (Revelation 20:11-15), we can expect an awe-inspiring spectacle like no other.

Pack the Necessities

Don’t forget to make sure your kids bring along all the necessary items they’ll need for their trip. Remind them that the Bible says that Jesus will be coming back with “all authority,” so they should come prepared with a bag of supplies that includes:

  • Their faith in God
  • Some good works to show Him
  • An open heart ready to follow Him wherever He leads

Pack special items like a Bible, a journal, snacks and drinks, and some memorabilia from memorable moments they have shared as a family (like sand from the beach or pine needles from a forest). Explain to your kids that Jesus’ return is like going on vacation – you might expect something different or new; however, having the proper supplies will give them courage during the journey.

Enjoy the Journey

Explaining Jesus’ return to your children like a vacation can be a funny, lighthearted way to explain complicated doctrines. Teaching your children about faith shouldn’t all be theory; you can use practical insights and entertaining comparisons to reinforce the truth. To help make concepts more tangible, here are five creative ways to frame your conversation about Jesus’ second coming with humor and understanding.

  1. Talk about preparation – Just as an exciting getaway requires preparation, so does the joyful anticipation of Jesus’ return. Encourage your kids to live faithfully while they wait faithfully, looking forward with hope and trust in God’s perfect timing.
  2. Explain discovery – Exploring unknown places on vacation can be a fascinating adventure! Use this as an analogy for life’s spiritual journey — a beautiful discovery of community, fellowship and the richness of deepening faith in Christ.
  3. Focus on anticipation – Letting children know that special times together bring immense happiness can help them comprehend what it’s like to await Jesus’ arrival with eagerness and joy. Replace anxiety over eschatology (end-time events) with delight at Father God’s plan for humanity that culminates in reuniting us with Jesus forever!
  4. Celebrate reunion – Just as reunion highlights during family vacations bring up feelings of love, recounting how loved ones will rejoice when we finally meet the Lord will alternately tug heartstrings and ignite happy imagination talk among your kids!
  5. Enjoy the journey – Special memories from vacations can provide inspiration for how best-laid plans sometimes don’t always go according to our wishes but still result in greater joy later on. Translate this into talking points such as accepting delays or detours — understand that what may feel like waiting around might just become part of God’s remarkable plan culminating in great joy upon finally being reunited with Jesus!

Explain Jesus’ Return as a Superhero

jesus as a superhero

As a parent, finding creative ways to explain Jesus’ return to your kids can be a challenge. One way to make the topic of Jesus’ return fun and engaging for your kids is to explain it through the context of a superhero story. In this imaginative scenario, Jesus is presented as a superhero who will one day come back to save the world from evil and restore the Kingdom of God.

Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities:

Introduce the Superhero

In this humorous approach to explaining Jesus’ coming back as a superhero, you can introduce your children to the special skills that Jesus will have when he returns. For example, explain that Jesus can hear prayers far and wide with his special “hearing” power and answer questions with his incredible “mind-reading” abilities. You could also share that he knows all about people’s feelings, so he can sense when someone is in danger and come to their rescue!

It’s important to clarify that although these powers will help him do amazing things here on earth, His ultimate mission will be to restore God’s kingdom. Make sure your kids understand that Jesus is the only “superhero” who can do this, and His true power comes from being the Son of God.

Describe the Superhero’s Powers

Explain Jesus’ return as the ultimate superhero. His superpower is the ability to conquer death, come back from the afterlife, and bring people with him who have also died. He will be an omnipotent being with limitless power who is completely dedicated to preserving and protecting his children. He will have special abilities like healing abilities, which he used while he was on Earth, and he will have holy armor that can protect him from any physical or spiritual harm.

Give your kids vivid examples of how Jesus, as a superhero, can use his powers to vanquish evil and protect humanity:

Explain the Superhero’s Mission

When talking to your kids about Jesus’ return, explain that He is coming back as a superhero. Just like in the movies and on television, this superhero has a great mission: to restore order and bring justice to the world. Explain how Jesus will use His power and strength to protect everyone from evil.

Remind them that Jesus not only cares about them but about the whole world too. Tell them how Jesus will bring righteousness and peace to the earth so that everyone can live safely and happily together. Help your kids understand how His return signals a new era of hope for all of humanity.

Explain Jesus’ Return as a Parade

Explaining Jesus’ return to your kids can be a tricky task, but you can make it fun and memorable by using analogies and metaphors to explain the concept. One great way to explain Jesus’ return is to use the analogy of a parade. Explain to your kids that Jesus’ return will be like a grand parade, where everyone will be rejoicing and celebrating his arrival. Have fun with this analogy and come up with funny ideas to make it even more memorable.

Describe the Floats

One way to explain Jesus’ return is to envision a heavenly parade. In this scenario, Jesus arrives via a huge golden chariot filled with angels, who are singing and rejoicing in the sky. There will also be many colorful floats – like those seen in traditional holiday parades – that contain special gifts from God for all of us.

Visualize Father Christmas from traditional stories sitting atop a large white horse-drawn float and Santa Claus on his sleigh filled with amazing toys and presents for the children. Of course, there will also be other fun characters, like Disney princesses on different floats, fairy godmothers and bunnies wishing everyone happiness and joy.

Imagine how exciting it would be to walk alongside this magnificent parade!

Talk About the Music

Talking about the music associated with Jesus’ return is a great way to explain this significant event to your kids. Have fun with it by describing a glorious parade in the sky with chariots, angels and saints singing, rejoicing, and honking their horns! Use everyday experiences that your children can relate to and make them laugh. Talk about how it will be like an outdoor concert, complete with twinkling lights in the sky.

Stress how exciting and joyous this parade will be – like a 4th of July firework show – for it will bring everyone together in one big celebration of miracles and praise. Explain that the music on that day will surpass anything they’ve heard before because it will be made from the very breath of God! They may even learn some new dance moves from the angels!

Discuss the Crowds

When discussing Jesus’ return with kids, it can be helpful to talk about the crowds that will be gathered to see him come down from heaven. You can use this moment to explain how people from all over the world will gather together to witness this special event. Explain that there will be a huge and wonderful parade of angels and followers that are ready to welcome Jesus back home.

Tell your kids that when they want to give someone a special welcome they should make sure they cheer and wave flags or balloons in celebration like the crowds at Jesus’ return.


When it comes time to explain the return of Jesus to your children, use your creativity; the most important thing is that they understand that something wonderful is coming, and they should live their lives in anticipation of Jesus’ return. Whether it’s through children’s stories, games, or imaginative scenarios, give them the opportunity to engage with this concept and build their faith.

Remind them that Jesus promised that He would come back—and just like His first coming—He will keep His promise with love and grace.



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