Becoming a Better Person Through God

As a Christian, I have always wanted to be a better reflection of God’s love. I strive to be an excellent example of a Christian woman by living out my faith in Jesus Christ. I have always wanted to be a better Christian, and I believe that through dedication to my faith and perseverance, I can become a better Christian and become more faithful to God.

By exploring how I can become a better Christian, I can also become a better example to those around me. In this article, I am going to explore ways to be a better Christian and how my faith can help make me a better person:

Why I want to become a better Christian

For me, becoming a better Christian isn’t an easy task. It’s something I find myself struggling with regularly. I want to become more like Christ and more devoted to His word so that I may grow spiritually and live out the will of God in everything I do. This is why I want to become a better Christian: to be more like Jesus and live my life according to the teachings of the Bible.

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In our society, we often face moments where it’s hard to stand firm in our faith or choose love over hate. Sometimes we feel weak and too exhausted or confused when making decisions from a Biblical perspective. Therefore, understanding critical Biblical passages and developing biblical knowledge can strengthen us during these trying times; understanding what the Bible says can provide the foundation for how God wants us to live our lives as His children. Additionally, seeking other theological perspectives can enrich our understanding of Scripture and encourage better discernment when making decisions based on our Christian beliefs.

In addition to drawing closer to God through prayer and maintaining a consistent spiritual practice routine is also essential if we want to stay close to Him. Praying daily gives us direct access to God’s presence; perpetually seeking Him in prayer assures us that He always hears us, regardless of circumstances or feelings. As such, we are setting aside time daily for prayerful reflection is an invaluable habit that each believer should exercise daily. Hence, as we stay close to God and learn from Him each day for personal growth in our faith journey towards becoming better Christians one day at a time!

Developing a Closer Relationship with God

As a good Christian woman, I want to be a better Christian. I want to be a godly example to those I come in contact with and be a better Christian, not just in word but also in deed. I want to become closer to God.

This article will explore ways I can become closer to God and become a better Christian through a more intimate relationship with him:

Praying and Reading the Bible

Praying and reading the Bible can be two of the most important activities for developing a closer relationship with God. Praying effectively communicates with God by talking to Him from the heart and expressing our true thoughts and desires. It allows us to express gratitude, ask for guidance, and seek forgiveness. Bible reading gives us a deeper understanding of God’s nature, character, and will for our lives. It helps us gain wisdom on issues we are dealing with, such as relationships or difficult decisions that must be made in life.

When we pray, it’s important to remember that God hears every word we say and cares about what we ask Him. He loves when His children come before Him with open hearts; it’s how He gets closer to us. Prayer also helps shape our character because it involves humility, faith in God’s goodness, trust in His provision, submission to His plans, and dependence on Him alone.

Reading the Bible should become an integral part of our day-to-day life to experience true transformation through His word. This can be done by allocating time each day for devotional studies (e.g., going through a specific passage or book) or simply setting aside time for Scripture meditation (eagerly waiting on revelation from scriptures) as well as engaging in prayerful dialogue with God over scripture as if you are having a conversation with Him about what you were reading!

If you don’t know where to start when beginning your devotional studies, consider researching some daily divine guides online, which may help guide the structure of your devotional time or focusing on studying through specific books of the Bible at certain times during the week/year (e.g., Genesis one day per week).

Seeking Guidance from Others

God is within us, but He sometimes sends us angels to help guide us in the right direction. It’s essential to seek guidance from trusted sources who provide wise counsel and advice.

You may find that talking with someone with strong faith or a relationship with God can provide insight into your struggles or challenge you to look at the world through a new perspective. Talking with friends and family members who have walked their path of faith can provide an understanding ear and someone to share stories with.

Finding a spiritual mentor or director is another excellent way to deepen your relationship with God. Spiritual mentors are clergy members or people who have dedicated their lives to spiritual practice. This kind of guidance can be invaluable for anyone looking for personal transformation through their relationship with God. A spiritual director will often ask questions, prescribe readings, and lead conversations that help you reflect upon your life experiences to come closer to God.

No matter how you grow closer to God, surrounding yourself with those who can understand what, it means personally can make the journey more meaningful and enjoyable. Having trusted people in your corner will keep you accountable for growing more assertive in your faith and remind you how integral having a relationship with God is for living a whole life of service and faithfulness.

Participating in Church Activities

Participating in church activities has become part of my routine as I continue developing a closer relationship with God. This means attending church on Sunday, group Bible study, and joining other Christians for special events. Doing so not only allows me to feel connected to my faith community in an obvious way, but it also provides growth opportunities.

I can learn more about the Bible and how to apply it to my life when participating in church activities. With the insights of teaching pastors, worship leaders, and peers who are further along in their spiritual walk than I may be, I gain valuable wisdom that helps me become a better person. Whether it’s an encouraging message or an example of how someone else has applied Biblical truth in their life – they can help give me direction when things get tough.

Making a concerted effort to attend as many church services and activities as possible also reminds me that being part of the larger body of Christ is essential. Participating with dozens – or hundreds – of others who are fervently seeking after God together builds tremendous comfort and security in knowing that we are all striving for the same thing: becoming better people through our relationship with God.

Becoming an Example to Others

As a good Christian woman, I want to be an example to others and be a better Christian. I recognize the importance of growing in my faith and improving myself spiritually. I am becoming a better Christian and setting a godly example for those around me.

I am making goals to work towards every day and to be able to live life in a way that honors God.

Showing Kindness and Compassion

Showing kindness and compassion to those around us is one of the best means of becoming an example to others. In Matthew 7:12, Jesus tells us, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” When we show kindness and compassion to those around us, it helps them and reflects positively on who we are. Our outward behavior can be a great example to those observing us when we go out of our way to help or brighten someone else’s day.

We can show love and kindness toward others in many ways – from simply smiling at people when walking past them on the street, engaging in meaningful conversations with colleagues or friends, or reaching out with a kind gesture when someone needs our help. When we make these small efforts towards showing compassion for others in such simple ways, this serves as a beacon of light – reminding both them and us that even simple acts of kindness can positively impact ourselves and others.

We can take courage from Philippians 2:3–4, which says, “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit but count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his interests but also to the interests of others.” When we strive each day toward becoming better examples by continuing this work within ourselves, it will strengthen our spiritual walks with God and allow us to serve as examples for those around us.

Doing Good Deeds

Doing good deeds is essential to becoming a better person through God. If we want to be examples to others, we must strive to help those in need and make our attention to those things that please our Heavenly Father. James 2:17 says, “In the same way, faith by itself if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.

Faith only in the Lord means little if not paired with actions others can see and observe. Doing good deeds is a way to lead by example and make sure that our focus remains on glorifying God every day of our lives.

One way to do this is by giving back to our community through volunteering and spreading God’s love for humanity. Whether volunteering in your local thrift store or teaching Bible study at your Church—allowing others to witness your faith in God physically can go a long way. Not only should you improve the lives of those you are serving, but you should also use your example as an opportunity to share the word of God with them.

Through helping others, showing kindness, and exhibiting unselfishness—God will continue blessing us with generous amounts of grace every day, no matter what circumstances arise. One example is Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” In committing ourselves fully to being closer to God through serving others—we set an example for many who have yet to have their hearts changed by His grace.

Being a Positive Influence

As I strive to become a better person, I realize the importance of taking care of myself and my own spiritual health and being an example for those around me so that I may lead by example. Through God, I have come to understand that being a positive role model and influence can be accomplished through many avenues, such as:

  • I am cultivating a good attitude: It is easy to be disheartened when faced with difficult circumstances. I try to remain positive and focus on the lesson in every situation. This indicates that even when hardships come, one can rely on God and trust His plan.
  • Talking kind words: Taking time out of each day to speak kindly and lovingly with others and oneself is essential in living a life full of love and understanding. Being encouraging is the best way to lift one’s spirit and those around us.
  • Fostering healthy relationships: Building relationships and friendships with people of shared values will cement our convictions and help us maintain our faith no matter what obstacles we face – ultimately setting a good example for others.
  • Living an authentic life: The only way to truly practice what one preaches is by leading an honest life based on true principles instead of merely paying lip service. Every action taken will either strengthen or weaken our faith, depending on whether it aligns with Biblical teachings, making doing what we say even more critical than talking about it.

Overcoming Temptations

As a Christian woman, I want to be a better Christian and an example to others. I want to be a better example of God’s goodness and love to those around me. However, I know that I am constantly struggling with temptations that can keep me from becoming the godly person I want to be.

In this article, I am going to talk about how I have been overcoming my temptations and how I can become a better Christian for God and for others:

Identifying Temptations

As a Christian, one of the spiritual growth’s most difficult aspects is identifying and avoiding temptation. Temptations can come in many forms, ranging from small day-to-day decisions that could detour us from completing God’s will in our life to major lifestyle choices that could lead us away from God’s promises and blessings. Understanding how temptations work and the nature of temptation can GIVE US A GREATER AWARENESS OF OUR SITUATION – thus enabling us to counter them more quickly.

Temptations stem from various sources, such as our own human desire for comfort or avoidance of pain; the sin of those around us; or even the devil himself- who seeks to lead us astray (James 1:14). Regardless of their origin, these temptations are still presented as options we can take. It is, therefore, necessary for believers to exercise extreme caution to avoid falling into the snare of such temptations.

When presented with a temptation, believers need to be able to recognize it for what it is: an attempt by Satan or one’s own conscience to lead them away from God’s intention for their lives. Although recognizing a temptation may seem easy on a surface level, delving beneath this veneer requires self-reflection and understanding one’s inner motivations and desires. Only by understanding oneself can a person truly discern what challenges they may face throughout their lives and how best to avoid such issues when tempted. Being aware of our weaknesses does not make us any less capable; rather, it allows for more time by which our minds are prepared against any momentary lapse in judgment when faced with adversities relating to trials and tribulations which will inevitably arise on earth during our lifetime given this world’s original state.

Avoiding Tempting Situations

One way to help overcome temptations is by avoiding difficult situations. We can plan our day so that any potential areas of temptation are avoided. This might involve changing how we spend our time or the places we visit.

If I know there’s a person or place that could easily draw me into sin, I should try to stay away from them and it. For example, if I’m tempted by gossip, I should steer my conversations away from trivial topics and always avoid small talk with people known for talking about others.

We must be honest with ourselves about how prone we are to certain temptations and why we need to guard ourselves against them; this will help us be more prepared for when they arise. Ultimately, God walks with us in our struggles, so if something especially difficult comes up and I don’t think I can handle it alone, I need to remember his faithfulness and mercy—which will give me strength.

Developing Self-Control

We are constantly faced with temptations daily, whether we want to admit it or not. It could be something as small as the urge to skip our responsibilities or something more damaging. Nobody is perfect, so learning how to develop self-control is important.

Self-control requires dedication and practice, but a few things can help us along the way. First and foremost, it’s important to be aware of our triggers and what tempts us most. Once we become aware of these triggers, we must work on controlling our behaviors before temptation arrives.

By actively engaging in spiritual studies, such as reading the Bible and praying, we have access to greater spiritual understanding to use the Word of God as a guide for living an upright life free of temptation. Additionally, seeking guidance from an honest friend can help us make just choices, even when facing peer pressure or other difficult situations.

Finally, it helps to build a supportive community – one with people who have similar values and beliefs and who understand us – that will provide love and respect while confronting temptation together as opposed to succumbing to them alone. Consistency and reliance on God’s Word can strengthen our resolve against temptation over time, allowing us to grow closer to Him while becoming better people through His grace!


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After journeying to become a better Christian, I greatly appreciate the lessons I have learned. I want to be a good Christian woman who is a godly example to others, and I believe that following God’s teachings is the right path.

Through prayer and dedication to the word of God, I am becoming a better Christian every day and can be a positive example to those around me.

Reflection on My Journey

As I reflect on my journey and the life lessons instilled in me, it is clear that God has been my constant companion. From facing difficult challenges to experiencing moments of great joy and contentment, He has never left my side, showing me mercy and grace every step of the way. I am grateful for all He has done for me and all He continues to do daily.

Through God’s presence in my life, I have become a better person inside and out by becoming more aware of myself, learning to forgive and offer unconditional love, expressing gratitude for those around me, and increasing my faith in Him. I pray daily that His love will guide me as I strive to honor Him through living out His Word in showing kindness to others, sharing His Truth with those willing to listen, and bringing glory and praise back to Him.



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