5 Healthy Habits To Maintain After Covid-19

While the Covid-19 Pandemic is undoubtedly a serious health crisis, it has changed our way of life in some fundamental ways. As working from home becomes the norm, we have adapted our routines and habits to facilitate the change and ensure we are still happy, healthy, and productive. It’s unlikely that things will ever go back to the way they were before, so here are five things that will most likely stick around. 

Wearing A Facemask 

It’s become commonplace now. We need to remember our facemasks when leaving the house, going on public transport, or buying the shopping. Although this is a habit we are still getting used to, the culture of wearing a facemask in public is quite normal in Eastern countries such as Japan and China. There, people wear masks for many reasons. There are the obvious health reasons. During flu season, the spread of the illness can be prevented by wearing masks, but there are other considerations: dust and pollen, social anxiety, and fashion are some of them. 


During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are instructed to wash our hands for 20 seconds making sure to cover all areas. We are also told to wash them regularly. In the past, it was perhaps more common to wash hands before eating or at regular intervals throughout the day. However, in recent decades, these habits have dwindled – perhaps because of the rise in fast-food culture or simple complacency. Whatever the reason, the Covid-19 outbreak has reminded us of the importance of handwashing to protect our own health and others’ health. 

Routine Exercise 

Quarantine restrictions for many months in the year 2020 have changed our lives in many unpredictable ways. No one could have imagined losing their job to a global pandemic or having to work from home indefinitely. The dramatic change has motivated people to rethink their life and habits. While there are many drawbacks to the pandemic, the upshot is that we’ve had the chance to reflect on what’s important and plan better for the future. It’s unlikely people will give up their new exercise routines very easily.


With so many cancellations this year in terms of vacations, weddings, and festivals, people could be forgiven for feeling a bit aggrieved with it all. To their credit, however, they embrace the change and adapt their plans to help protect others’ welfare. Staycations are on the rise with an increase in road trips and vacations in rural locations. Simultaneously, they are cheaper than international travel, and also excellent for the local economy and the environment.  

Working From Home 

Before the Covid-19 Pandemic working from home for many people would not have been an option. Perhaps they did not have a space to work from, their company did not provide the option, or there were too many distractions, like appliance parts. However, the pandemic has been a great motivator in many ways, and creative solutions to these obstacles have been discovered. Both companies and staff now recognize the many benefits of home office and are likely to embrace it going forward. 




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