3 Alternatives to Roses They’ll Love

I love flowers. Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially down or especially happy, I’ll walk to my favourite florist to just pick out a few stems or sprigs to pop into a vase at home to brighten the place up. One of my favourites is eucalyptus, and I absolutely love when I see it at the florist and I buy several stems and turn it into a lovely piece for my table. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I know roses are going to be flying out of stores all over the world, but I wish that people would give alternatives to roses a thought. I adore roses and think they are some of the most stunning flowers in the world, but they’re not the only flowers out there! Here are 3 of my top picks for alternatives to roses for when you put together an arrangement for your loved ones.


Do you know how many types of tulips there are? So many, that’s how many! In colours that range from red to orange to white, you’re sure to find a tulip or two that your loved one will enjoy. I find tulips to be most striking when they’re the only flowers in a bouquet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be excellent accent flowers in mixed bouquets!


One of my best friends adores hyacinths, and the clusters of flowers are always somewhere in her home during the winter. If you’ve never seen a hyacinth in real life, let me tell you that they smell delightful! They are quite bulky (but gorgeous, so don’t let that stop you), and their soft colours are perfect alongside more angular leaves.


Anemones are easy flowers to find in the shops during the winter, and their striking colours make them great choices as alternatives to roses when you’re putting together your Valentine’s day bouquets. They come in various shades of red, and sometimes you can find mutants in other colours. I like making anemones the focal flowers and surrounding them with angular leaves and baby’s-breath.




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