3 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Children

Who said Valentine’s Day is only for couples? I remember when I was a little girl in elementary school, I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day because of all the treats and cards that the whole class would exchange because of the day. At 9, we didn’t really have substantial crushes or desires to pursue relationships, so it was all about having fun as friends; we would go to the dollar store to pick up packs of ready-made valentines and hand them out to the whole class, and some of us would even grab little snack-sized packs of candy to share. I don’t know if kids these days still do this, but if they don’t, then that’s even more of a reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids, students, or any other children in your life!


You might have thought about this after reading my little anecdote, but it’s worth reiterating: cards are great and most people like receiving them! If you want to give your child a Valentine’s card, I’ve found that blank cards are best because you can write whatever you want in them. Something as simple as “Happy Valentine’s Day!” is more than enough to cheer a kid up, but I remember getting a card from a classmate that said “I think you’re swell!” and it really made me smile.

Baked Goods

In February, there are always so many delicious things in bakeries with the whole Valentine’s Day theme going on. Cookies covered in red and pink sprinkles, cakes covered in frosted roses, and croissants with edible flower petals are just some of the things I’ve seen on my daily commutes to work, and it can really be hard to find something that doesn’t have a romantic feel to it. I found some heart-shaped sugar cookies with initials piped in the center, and I also found cupcakes that were frosted to look like cartoon characters, and I think things like that would be perfect for children. Some cupcakes for a class would definitely be one of the better Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for children that I’ve had.

Stuffed Animals

My parents got me a little tiny red bear for Valentine’s Day during my first year at college, and I love that thing… it’s still on my desk right now. Small stuffed animals are a great idea for children because you can personalize them and make sure they’ll get something they really like, and they’re cheap!




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