10 Things For Teen Girls Book Review and Giveaway

I don’t have a teenager here with me, but I have one that resides in my heart all the time. I was pleased to have the chance to review 10 Things For Teen Girls by Kate Conner from Family Christian in exchange for an honest blog review. I was eager to read what someone else may say to my precious angel and also wanted a way to try and help my niece as well.

First Thoughts of This Teen Girls Parent Book

I’ve stressed many times now that I strive to learn something new every day of my life whether that’s about improving myself or something else. This book needs a totally different title! It should be named “10 Lessons You Need To Learn in Life.” There are so many people, myself included, who really need to learn these valuable lessons Kate Connor teaches in this book.

Modesty Advice

She teaches about modesty and really makes a person look at how they dress and the impact it makes on how others view you. I don’t always dress the way I should when I go out of my house. (Honestly, a lot of that has to do with funds and finding clothes that look worth a dime on me in my price range verses the desire to wear the outfits I do. If I had unlimited or even a decent amount to spend on clothes, my wardrobe would look totally utterly different!!) She was spot on in her lesson concerning modesty and what it truly about.

True Beauty

She provides a wonderful way for a teenager to access their true beauty. She doesn’t do it in a lecture form, but rather she shares some of her own journeys with finding her true beauty worth.

Impact on Others

Then she reminds teenagers (and others) the impact their words and actions have on others. Many of us tend forget just how much of an impact we make on other’s lives by the simplest mindless things we do. We see it all around us in the news and across social media, but we don’t see what it does to the person we’re talking about because we’re refusing to really see “the person” behind the screens.

The Worst Advice

She addresses the whole “follow your heart” concept in a totally different perspective than I have ever heard. You know what, she is completely spot on in her assessment of this being the “worst advice ever.” I’ll let you read 10 Things For Teen Girls to find out what her best advice is for others.

Teen Girls Emotional Beings

My absolute favorite section was the part about women being emotional beings. I’ve highlighted many times over how I struggle with being an emotional being. You know what, after reading this book, that’s is not going to happen anymore. I’m passionate about many things, and I do stand for what I believe in completely. I fight to make things happen for the better of all involved. I know I’ll never change that about myself regardless how old I become.


She doesn’t hold any punches here. She just makes it clear that smoking is not cool.


This is something that many teen girls don’t care enough about. (I know I rebelled against worrying about my reputation growing up!) She hits this topic spot on.

Don’t Pretend

I love this one! Pretending to be someone other than who you are doesn’t do anyone any favors. She covers this topic in full detail.

You Are Enough

She leaves teen girls with the most important message of all. She reminds them that they are enough as they are and for who they are. Many people need this reminder that God created us as we are for a reason and we are enough because he has a purpose for our lives.

My Complete Thoughts of 10 Things For Teen Girls

I would recommend for any parent who has a teen girl period! It’s well worth it’s $14.99 price tag.  Whether your teenager seems fine or not, chances are high that she is suffering with one or more of these concepts, even if it’s in secret. I would recommend that BOTH the parent and the teen girl read this book together and then discuss the questions at the end of each section together.

This book had a way of taking me back to my teenage years and reminding me just how hard it was to figure out who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do with my life. Granted, I went in a TOTALLY utterly different direction than that, but I am honestly right back to where I wanted and longed to be even then.

Win 10 Things For Teen Girls For Yourself

Now one lucky reader can win a copy of this book for yourself. Just fill out the Giveaway Tools form completely. This giveaway runs from November 9, 2014 until November 23, 2014. Be sure to read the terms and conditions. If you don’t want to wait to see if you won this book feel free to go to Family Christian and buy it now.

What does your teen girl struggle with the most? If you don’t have a teen girl, what do you remember as your biggest challenge being a teenager? (Hint: answering this question is one of the entries on this giveaway form.)

P.S. I also HIGHLY recommend Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl: On Her Journey from Neediness to…image 7282231 11971676. You can read my full review of this book here.



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24 comments on “10 Things For Teen Girls Book Review and Giveaway”

  1. Sounds like a great book. I think that for all teens, being true to yourself is so hard. There is so much peer pressure out there.

  2. This sounds like an interesting book. Not having read it, I cannot say what the author says about Follow Your Heart. But my opinion is that that sort of advice has led to a lot of self-indulgent, selfish behaviour in the name of doing what is right for me. Of course we should all do what we love and makes us happy, but it seems that nowadays this is the ultimate goal, regardless of the consequences to others. I always sound like a killjoy when I say this to my teens, but there needs to be some limits to the pursuit of happiness, self-fulfilment, whatever you would like to call it.

  3. I have one teenage and one pre teen – both with VERY different personalities. I think my oldest struggles most with just being herself. She has lots of brothers (6 of them) so she is not ultra-girly… so she struggles to find her place. My younger though is way girly and has lots of friends – her biggest struggle is probably getting all her friends to all be friends! 🙂

    • It sounds like your youngest one probably learned from her older sister how NOT to be in order to fit in more. However, the oldest one will surely find her place when she becomes an adult. When they are both adults, they will both blossom into wonderful women probably headed into two totally different career paths.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope that you entered the giveaway.

  4. My niece has been having issues with discovering where she fits in…I keep telling her to be herself and enjoy who she is and to worry less about where she belongs…its been tough lately

    • I think this something many people struggle with not just teenagers. I know there are many times when I wonder where I fit in too, and I’m an adult. I worry about it a lot less now that I’m an adult. I’m glad you stopped by and commented. I hope you entered to win this book for your niece.

    • I know how difficult it can be to have to figure out where you belong in this world. I still think there are times when I have no clue where I fit in too.

  5. Thanks for the review on the book, might give it a read. I have a daughter who is 9 and it sounds like it might be something for her to read as she matures. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    • Terri,
      You and her both are at the prime time in her life to read this book and fully appreciate it. I HIGHLY recommend it. I can’t say enough good things about this book. I literally went through it today because I gained a lot of inspiration of things that I really want to share as a result of reading this book.

  6. My girls are 18 & 21. Thankfully they have/had pretty good teen years. It helped that they’ve had the same great friends for years. The biggest struggle was not really fitting in with the rest of their peers & their female cousins who are around the same age.

    • I’m so glad to hear that your kids had some close friends to help them through their teen years. Thank you for stopping by and sharing with us your input.

  7. My biggest struggle as a teenage girl was getting my emotions under control. At the time I had no idea what was wrong, just that I was emotional all of the time!! It’s so hard when you don’t even realize that there is anything off. Being a teenager can just be a very difficult time when you’re maturing and feeling all of those emotions and coming of age. This book sounds amazing! Thank you for doing this awesome giveaway!!!

  8. I just remember the ups and downs of jr high! My stepdaughter would benefit greatly from this book.

  9. I don’t have a teenager, but what I remember the most was lack of self confidence. I was never sure of myself – whether it was looks, my school papers, friendships, anything!

    • Lori,

      I totally feel ya. I lacked confidence growing up and still do to some degree. I still haven’t figured out what route I should really be taking with this blog, but I’m definitely dabbing my fingers into all kinds of things.
      Thank you for being so honest and sharing your teenage years struggles with us. I look forward to getting to know you more.

  10. Katie has a little problem with self estem and doubting herself when she knows the answer to difficult thing

    • That’s hard for many people not just teenagers. I hope that she sticks to her guns about doing the right things. This book would be an awesome gift for her this Christmas. The author has a way of reaching a person’s emotions in such a powerful way.

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