10 Secrets to Know Before Hiring an MBA Admissions Consultant

With the rising demand for foreign degrees and international educational standards, many aspiring graduates prefer having internationally recognized MBA degrees. The Master of Business Administration can be done in various majors, for example, Finance, Human Resources, Project Management, Healthcare Management, Supply Chain, and many more. Many FMCG and corporate firms prefer hiring fresh MBA graduates with internationally recognized resumes and degrees.

Why are Admission Consultants Important?

After gaining fruitful job experience and studying the local job market, fresh and experienced graduates prefer going abroad via verified educational consultants. Educational consultants have a distinguished team of admissions consultants who are responsible for guiding the potential candidates throughout the admission process. Admission consultants have a team of robust writers, researchers, analysts, and communicators who are on their toes throughout their client’s admission procedure.

From a student’s perspective, it’s important to explicitly define the role of consultants who would be aiding their way towards foreign MBA degrees and other programs. Students are advised to do competitive market research about multiple consultants and their overall consultancy services before signing up. Continue reading to learn about ten secrets before hiring an MBA admissions consultant.

1. Admission Consults Aren’t Working with an Individual Student at a Time

MBA admissions consultants are always in the hunt for a group of potential students looking for admissions to foreign schools or universities. When consultants have a greater pool of aspiring individuals, they have a greater chance of bargaining over admission policy and other proceedings. Many admission consultants are on board with business schools and universities that are looking for international students every year.

2. Not Every Education Consultant Can Guide You Towards MBA Programs

There are millions of educational consultants in the market, but only a few can guide graduates towards worthy MBA programs and distinguished schools across borders. It’s imperative that students signup with expert and seasoned MBA admissions consuls who have a legitimate past track record.

3. Online Reviews aren’t Always Genuine for Admissions Consultants

If you are planning to go abroad via a consultant or foreign education consultancy, don’t blindly believe in their reviews and ratings. At times, consultants ask their friends and partners in business to post fake reviews and ratings, which attract other potential students and parents. Hence, it’s imperative to do independent market research and then opt for a genuine admissions consultant.

4. Not Every MBA Graduate Can Be an Admission Consultant

After completing MBA degrees and management programs, many individuals switch towards admissions consultancy and MBA-related services. As an aspiring graduate, one shouldn’t consider MBA graduates as the only genuine person who can guide you toward state-of-the-art MBA programs across borders. Hence, it’s essential to verify one’s profile completely before signing them up as your admission consultant or representative.

5. Don’t Fall for a Cliché Sales Pitch from Educational Consultants

Many students fall for the alluring sales pitch, which gets their attention towards fancy MBA programs across the globe. It’s important for students to understand that MBA consultants are charging a decent amount for their consultancy services, and it’s their responsibility to guide students regarding MBA programs. Students should always signup with consultants with decent market credibility and educational standards.

6. Educational Consultants Have Backdoor Influences

Students pay educational consultants to present their admission cases in front of the admissions committee of elite universities and business schools. Educational consultants work on both sides commissions basis, benefiting the institution and the student. Hence, it’s essential to know that seasoned educational consultants have contacts and links that can seamlessly get you through the admission process.

7. Educational Consultants Offer Deals and Compensations

If your MBA admission consultant isn’t successful in getting you into your desired business school or degree program, he will always be in the capacity to offer you deals and compensation. Hence, it’s important for students to understand that educational consultants always have a Plan B under their desks, which only comes up when the student or their client can’t meet the standards or requirements of the admissions committee.

8. You Can Directly Apply to Business Schools Independently

Education and admissions consultants are for individuals who aren’t active or determined to write extended essays, answer emails, and complete the paperwork. Educational consultants use your credentials and resume to apply for international MBA programs on your behalf. They do all the correspondence on your behalf and charge you a decent fee for their services. One can do all formalities and paperwork independently and apply without a consultant.

9. Admissions Consultants are Master at Negotiating and Closing Deals

Admissions consultants understand the art of negotiating with top universities and their admissions committees. At times, it’s recommended to apply via dedicated and seasoned admissions consultants who have been in the business for years and are familiar with international standards and procedures.

10. Admission Committee has Close Ties with Local and Regional Admissions Consultants

Aspiring graduates and young students need to know that many universities are on the hunt for potential students who can travel and pursue their dreams in their institutions. When you walk into a consultant’s office, you will find brochures of many universities and business schools. The admissions committee and consultants have close ties as they discuss applicants’ profiles and other parameters. Hence, it’s imperative to make decent communication with your consultant, who is responsible for getting you the desired offer letter.

Final Word!

As the world changes, many fresh and experienced graduates move to the US and European countries, where they plan to settle and get distinguished degrees. Education and admissions consultants assist students by providing them with genuine information and insights about various institutions and their degree programs.

Admissions consultants play a pivotal role when you are eying your dream business school or university, but you lack finances or admissions criteria. One can always consult a seasoned admission consultant who has various institutions on his panel and is confident of getting you over the line.




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